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Unbelievable Benefits of Red Wine on your Skin and Hair

Unbelievable Benefits of Red Wine on your Skin and Hai

Red wine implicates elegance, sophistication, and involuntarily gives you a royal feeling. It is the effect of the way you hold a wine glass. Apart from satisfying your palate, red wine has to offer some amazing benefits to your body, including your skin and hair.

benefits of red wine on the skin and hair


You might have heard of its benefits on heart health. Well, it can also do wonders aesthetically. You will find a number of skincare and hair care products using red wine extracts as the key ingredient. For instance, there is the red wine spritzer that can help rejuvenate, hydrate, and strengthen the hair strands. Refinery29, Bustle, PopSugar Beauty highlights some amazing red-wine-infused cosmetics and skincare products storming the beauty industry.

The skin of grapes contains Resveratrol, which supplies vitamin E. It can nourish frizzy hair by providing deep conditioning. This ingredient is a great antioxidant source, reduces bacteria, and prevents skin damage from UV rays and free radicals.  

Let’s get to know in detail the benefits of red wine on the skin and hair.

1. Works as Anti Acne

There are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties in red wine. Resveratrol can fight off acne and inhibits the bacteria causing it. The clogging of pores with oil or dead skin cells allows no chances for your skin to breathe, and this leads to acne. Resveratrol can help open up the pores and function as a potential treatment for acne vulgaris. A study that confirms that this plant compound found in red wine, grapes, peanut, blueberries, and cranberries has therapeutic effects on acne-prone skin.     

Anti Acne

2. Anti-Aging Properties

The antioxidants found in red wine, works as healing property, to maintain youthful skin. The polyphenolic compounds in the wine protect your neurons against early aging. These polyphenols are a category of phytochemicals that can help fight the effects of free radicals and keep our skin healthy and young. The Nutrition Journal reveals that red wine can decrease oxidative stress and increase antioxidants capacity in the circulation. Since the polyphenols slow down cell oxidation, it can help restore the natural glow and gives you radiant skin.

Not an alcohol admirer? Don’t worry, as there are numerous topical options like red wine face masks, creams, lipsticks that claim to hydrate and nourish your skin deeply. Topically applying red-wine-infused skincare products can prove to be more beneficial. Needless to say, a glass of wine can do marvels to your skin and hair. 

Anti Aging


3. Treat sunburn

Red wine is a remedy to sunburn. Rub some red wine to soothe the sunburn affected area. Using sunscreen regularly is always important. But that fails to protect us at times when the heat is too much. Scientist state that flavonoids found in red wine can impair the UV-induced erythema reaction. It can block the chemical changes in the body occurring due to skin damage. Besides a tube of sunscreen keep your red wine intake or application on point to shield your skin against the sun.   

4. Hair Growth and Shine

Resveratrol is beneficial for hair growth. Regular use of red wine after washing and conditioning can promote healthy hair along with shine. It nourishes your hair, giving it a radiant and smooth finish. Drinking half a glass of red wine in a day can enhance healthy blood circulation in the body. When your scalp also gets good circulation, it allows healthy growth of hair.

Fun fact: you can also clean your false eyelashes with red wine to disinfect it and give it a natural shine.

Sitting by flowers

5. Get rid of Wrinkles

Since red wine has anti-aging properties, it can help fight free radicals. Free radicals cause your skin to form fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking one glass of red wine for women and two for men can keep those wrinkles away. If you wish to use it topically, soak cotton in a bowl of red wine and cleanse your face with it every day. You will see the difference within weeks. It will give more elasticity and firmness. 

Wrinkle free

Even the fashion industry is opening doors to eco-friendly wear by inducing red wine into the garment fabrics. The latest buzz is around fermented fashion that includes clothes made out of wine.

6. Reduces Dandruff

As your blood circulation increases, the blood vessels also become stronger, allowing little chance for dandruff, itchy, flakiness of your scalp. Purchase a bottle of Stella Rosa Black, a blend of different grape varieties and a top-shelf wine. It can be that one choice of wine to last as your favorite forever. For a safer application, you can dilute your wine with water. Avoid getting in contact with your eyes as it can tingle or hurt them. Dandruff on eyelashes is also a common eye disorder caused by bacteria. Use clean false lashes and remember to rip them off gently to avoid hurting or losing your natural eyelashes. 


7. Lightens your skin tone

Exposure to pollution around you every day can lead to a dull complexion. If you are looking for a solution to it, spray some red wine on your face to tone down your complexion. Massaging it on to your face three to four times a week can help in brightening and exfoliating the skin. You can store a spray bottle of red wine separately and also combine it with oatmeal or rice flour as a natural scrub to remove dead skin cells. Using red wine for exfoliation of the entire body will also ensure an even-toned skin. Your knees and elbows, which usually tend to blacken with time, can become smoother and gain a lighter tone.       

Steak and wine



The ways of using red wine are numerous. Apart from drinking, you can learn red wine recipes. But before using it on your hair or skin, consult a dermatologist to check with your skin conditions. Identifying the underlying causes of concern is necessary.

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