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Turn Your Bridesmaids into Queens of Style

When one of my closest friends announced that she was getting married, I couldn’t have been happier. We have spent many hours going over her plans and trying to think of new ways of making her dream of a perfect wedding come true. One of the most important things for both of us was coming up with fresh, new solutions for boring bridesmaids’ styles. Our creativity has been contagious and we have managed to create new looks for bridesmaids which pleased both the soon-to-be spouses and the future bridesmaids.

Stylish makeup

false-lashes with glitter

Makeup hasn’t been dictated to us so, and while for some it was a relief, the others had a problem with deciding on their style. As a bride, you may choose to give specific instructions to your bridesmaids, or you can leave it up to them. Since the colour of the dress has been chosen in advance, it was easy to choose the colours: silver or nude palette on the eyes, and bright, bold lipstick. We all wore false eyelashes because they put extra emphasis on your eyes and makes them pop. Just a tip for those of you who are thinking about doing the same: choose the ones which go well with the shape of your eyes (for wide set eyes concentrate them in the centre and for deep set eyes use longer strips).

Elegant hairstyles

Elegant hairstyles

Since the wedding was during summer it was insane to think about wearing our hair down and going with that ‘all natural’ look. However, picking the right hairstyle was a difficult task: plain buns, half updos, braids or vintage chignons, there was a variety to choose from. The bride asked us all, though, to add a bit of baby’s breath in our braids and buns and it looked great. Instead of wearing combs or ugly paper flowers in our hair, we wore delicate baby’s breath and it gave the overall impression of elegance. It was not difficult at all to add it, regardless of the hairstyle each of us chose, and it looked great. Some wore it on the base of their ponytails and others tucked it into their French braids and buns.

Beautiful dresses

Beautiful dresses

Understandably, a bride wants everything to be perfect on her big day, including the bridesmaids’ dresses. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to uniform all your friends into dresses which don’t suit them at all, just because you think they would look good. My friend and me both agreed on allowing the girls to choose their own perfect formal dresses online as long as they have them in the right colour (she chose silver and nude). This way, each of us had our own dress: A-line knee length, floor length with an empire waist, or a plain pencil one with a sheath neckline; and we all looked great. We were comfortable and confident in the dresses which flattered our body types, and we also honoured the bride’s wishes.

Chic shoes

Chic Shoes to pair with your falsies lashes

As we compromised with the dresses and stepped out of the ‘comfort zone’, the bride decided to go one step further and let the bridesmaids choose their own shoes. The idea was incredibly well received and the results were spectacular: some of us chose to wear nude strappy sandals, others opted for stiletto heels with glitter, and there were also some bold statement heels. The most important thing, however, was the bride’s thoughtful gift to us: she gave us all lovely flats decorated with delicate lace so we could change when our heels become too uncomfortable. Bridesmaid shoes may not be high on your priority list, but keep in mind that keeping your friends comfortable is important.

By choosing to clad us bridesmaids into unique outfits which reflect both her and our personality, my friend has managed to bring us all closer to the spotlight. Of course, the spotlight on this special day is only for the bride and groom, but we were happy to be able to stand out and be more than a stiff mannequin wearing a boring dress. We will treasure these dresses forever and proudly wear them in the future.


Article by ​Claire Hastings

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