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Tips That Will Make Applying False Lashes Much Easier

False LashesApplying fake eyelashes for the first time is not an easy job. Here are some tips that will help you out:

Love the Curves

It is much easier to apply curved eyelashes compared to straight eyelashes. The problem with straight eyelashes is that you have to pin both the edges in order to get them to stick properly. Do not buy lashes that are made completely of human hair, as they will not bend easily.

Oil-Free is the Way to Be

Oil makes it hard for the fake eyelash to stick to your eyes. It is basically like trying to use tape on an oily surface. If you have oily eyelids, then wash your face, blot the oil with a blotting sheet and apply lose powder on the lids. Don’t ever remove your eyelashes with an oil based makeup remover if you plan on using them again, as the oil will stick to the surface and will make it hard to put glue on the lash line.

Keep Your Fake Lashes on a Straight Surface

Eyelash placement is very important if you want to apply them correctly. A lot of people apply it while standing up, and this is not the correct way. Try these steps:

  • Place a mirror on a flat surface, and look into it while applying the eyelash. This angle will be perfect and you will see how your eyelash looks
  • Another way is to take a hand mirror, and place it beneath your face. This way you will be able to see where your natural eyelashes are and how you should place your falsies
  • If your hand is not stable then you can place both your elbows on a flat surface before applying the false eyelashes
  • Make sure you always apply a generous coat of mascara after applying the false eyelashes

Start Small

Half lashes are great choices if you are a beginner because they are thinner and shorter, so they can easily blend with your natural eyelashes.


One Step at a Time

If you want to apply the eyelashes correctly then cut them up into two or three sections. You can either wear these sections as a half lash, or use the full strip by putting one section at a time. Keep in mind that this only works with thin lashes, because if you will cut thick lashes then people will be able to tell.

Further Tips

A good adhesive is as important as a good pair of eyelashes, so make sure you purchase a high quality one. If you are looking forward to buying a good brand of falsies, so that you can look like a fashion diva, then head straight to a reputable cosmetic store and ask the consultant there to guide you in picking a brand, so that you look just the way celebrities do.

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