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Timeless Vintage Trends

Simple timeless vintage trends

While there are some trends that have the lifespan of a butterfly, others stay around for decades, haunting us in the most positive of ways. They may not always get the attention and the credit they deserve, but they are true to us. They wait in the shadows, patiently, for the ‘it’ items de jour to have their fifteen minutes of fame and then they return to us, and never once reprimand us for having forgotten about them during our time chasing the more current ones. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane together and reminisce, and then stock up, on all the timelessly trendy items that will be here for us, rain or shine – sometimes figuratively and other times quite literally. After all, the rise of vintage and secondhand fashion isn’t happening for practical reasons – the price of the items, but because these items have truly proven themselves worthy.


The one that never went away


Jeans have always been here to our rescue, especially when we’re stuck and out of inspiration for a casual yet dressed up look. Now, skinny jeans have had their time on the throne, but the queen of all jeans are definitely the flared ones, and for numerous reasons. First, the high-rise gives every woman the illusion of an hourglass figure and emphasizes the waist. Secondly, they elongate the legs and balance out the hips when you have broader ones, and thirdly, they can be rocked with both vintage footwear like vintage platform wedges or sandals, or even with tennis shoes and look super fly. Add  a pair of heads turn false eyelashes to the great outfit and you are good to go.




Square it

Squared Frame Glasses

Photo by Mohammed Hassan on Unsplash Come on, you simply have to admit that nothing makes a woman look more mysterious and gives her that elusive French chic vibes like those vintage square-frame sunglasses. They essentially look cool on everyone, and whether you want to channel your inner French or even California vibes, these are the specs to snag. Luckily, the trend is coming back so you don’t have to go hunting for them in vintage stores, but if you do come across a genuinely vintage pair, grab them and head to the cash register before someone snags them right under your nose. For a full vintage look, don’t forget the movie-iconic Dior silk scarf – the look is totally back in style, and even if you don’t want to wear it on your head, it will always be there to grace your neck with some timeless elegance.


Every seven years

Birkenstock shoes  - the Birkenstocks will never go out of style.

The myth is, and the CEO of the company confirms it to be true, every seven years the timeless Birkenstock shoes fall back into the graces of the A-listers. However, the secret of the brand’s almost 300-year success lies in the fact that the manufactures have always stayed true to the original design, dedication to comfort, and they haven’t even tried to please celebs by changing up the design to make it more appealing to them. The seven-year cycle happens on its own, and while celebrities may change their mind, the regular consumer knows just how iconic this brand is, and that’s why for ‘regular’ people, the Birkenstocks will never go out of style.


Always a lady

Classy dress up

We can dress up in as many outrageous outfits as we want, but the classic lady-like look made iconic by such icons as Grace Kelly and Jackie O will always be our safety net when we’re in need of something truly classic and feminine. This is why a high-rise pleated midi skirt, especially when worn with something as classic as a crisp white shirt with an impeccably pressed collar will never go out of style. It’s a foolproof look, whether you want to dazzle at work, at an evening event or simply look undeniably feminine in the middle of the afternoon, this combo will be here, waiting for you to bench experimental outfits and pay attention to the good ol’ classics. And, if you want to make the trend more contemporary, Carolina Herrera has made it possible with her line of full ball gown skirts with white shirts tucked in, but she created a modern twist using a wide belt in a contrasting hue, just for a touch of whimsy.


An investment piece

Classic Bag with vintage wear

We don’t like to play favorites with our accessories, but we have to face the fact that some womens bags are just better than others. Of course, you can choose among the variety of colors, but the black one will always have a special place in your wardrobe and in fashion, because black, whether it comes in the form of a little black dress or the classical bag, will be here for all eternity.


Last but not least

classic camel trench coat

Puffer jackets, deconstructed jackets, colorful jackets – they’re all fun and great, but no piece of outerwear will ever be able to beat the effortless classiness of the classic camel trench coat and its winter version – the cream 1950s Katzman Coat. We’re sorry if some of the statement dressers’ hearts just smashed into pieces, but it’s true, the trench coat will always be an unbeatable style icon, one that nearly rubs shoulders with a leather motto jacket, but still wins by a few points. And, just in case you want to make the look bona fide timelessly retro, wear it like style icons did – with proper makeup, a false eyelashes, Breton top and black jeans. Top the look off with simple ballerina flats in black, throw on that Chanel bag you’re about to invest in and you will go down in history as


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