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The Evolution Of Makeup: How Has It Changed?

Makeup has very much become a part of many people’s lives. Allowing to leave the house feeling confident, giving those a doorway to showcasing an incredible amount of talent, by creating transforming makeup looks that separate those from the rest and creating career paths for many.

The diversity of makeup has quickly changed from constant research and development, and workstations turning the creation of makeup into a new wave of high-end technology.

However, makeup wasn’t always this versatile. Throughout time the cosmetics we use for style today was a protective layer those hid behind before.

But Why Makeup?

Both makeup lovers and researchers have devised many reasons as to why people began to wear makeup, dating further back then just the ‘women need to look pretty’ stereotype. Surprisingly, the reasons why stem from spiritual beliefs, religion and of course the way it can make us look more presentable.

The main correlated reasons are as follows:

  • Many believed it cured eye diseases
  • Makeup separated the higher and lower classes
  • It protected the wearer from the evil eye
  • It was used to shield the skin from sunburns
  • It was used as an Ancient fashion trend

Each reason for wearing makeup gave a completely different look. From ancient Pharaohs of Egypt to early Britain, each used these creative cosmetics to craft a style unlike others, but always being just as beautiful.

Today, the makeup style is toned down and inspiration has been drawn from Egyptian times.

Below, we will be going through the evolution of makeup, across the globe to see how much it has changed. Then you can see what era of makeup you wear the most, and maybe take inspiration from another for your next do?

6,000 BC- The Egyptian Era

The era of sophistication and the first to take so much care on their appearance was the Egyptians. Both men and women would use their physical features to their advantage and paint their bodies with crafted natural makeup paints created from substances such as animal fats, groundnuts and natural vegetable oil.

The products produced were made to stick to the skin, to leave the person decorated for the entire day, until the artwork was washed off.

The makeup consisted of lip tints, cheek rouge and dark, almond-shaped eyeliner, that would be worn by the masses from any living class. Many of the ancients from both genders would even go as far as to painting their fingernails and finding ways to dye their hair in order to have a complete look that would not be offensive to their gods and would make them appear far more attractive to potential partners.

lashes after lashes after lashes

Makeup Of The Medieval Times

This period of time is very different from that of the Ancient Egyptians. In the 15th century, it was said that wearing too much makeup in the sense to alter your face was proclaimed sinful. The women were taught to look fragile and fresh, with skin that is almost untouched, yet edited just enough to hold the beauty of the time.

This era was the ultimate example of ‘less is more’. Although women would experiment with homemade recipes in the hopes it would give their skin porcelain, healthy glow, but all were far too visible when the makeup had to look completely undetected.

Welcome The Elizabethans

The 16th century came with a huge switch to the way in which makeup was allowed to be worn. Very bold, over the top and heavy makeup was flushed over the faces of women, sometimes looking as though they had been a victim to a makeup mishap!

Cosmetics now was a very expensive ordeal, which made wearing makeup specific to certain classes, rather than for everyone.

The makeup of this era was created by the awfully dangerous white lead powder, combined with the materials water and vinegar, in order for women to create crisp, and clear complexions on their faces. However beautiful for a short moment, this concoction would cause health issues such as withered skin, rotten teeth and even hair loss, all just to look beautiful – rather defeats the object in a sense?

An overload of blush was used by the women, just as much as they used powder to pale skin, they would flush the cheeks with red. Pairing with this was dark eyebrows and thus became the flamboyant style of the Elizabethan era.

The Start Of The 20th Century

For women, the rules on makeup decided to date themselves back. Rather than extending further, giving women the freedom to wear makeup however they wish, it now has become a morally questionable accessory.

Those who sat comfortably in the middle class felt as though using makeup was entirely unacceptable to be worn in the society of the time. It was said that makeup was to stay within the hands of those who act against the norm; these were the prostitutes and actresses.

Because of this, any makeup worn came with a series of very negative connotations, so women did anything they could to look their best while staying as far away as possible from any makeup.

Generation Z

Nowadays, makeup is used in the masses. The gender divide is no longer, with young girls and boys globally turning makeup use into practice, with many creating careers for themselves, turning this once cause for beauty into works by contemporary artists.

Makeup now is different from what it used to be 100 years ago. Anyone who uses it now can turn their faces into anything they wish. From dark eyebrows and bold, false eyelashes and sparkling eyes. To highly contoured skin, lip filler, and semi-permanent make-up, there is no extent to how far anyone can go in the world of makeup and beauty in 2019.

Compared to the past, this kind of makeup would get those who use it in severe trouble or would label them with insulting names. But in this generation, anything is accepted, with new makeup styles being created every day!

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Today, the world and art of makeup and beauty have become a multi-billion dollar industry with people globally devising their own brands, independent salons and even social channels exposing their clear talents to the world.

In the past, makeup was devised to allow a community to look worthy of worship, with the Egyptians changing the appearance to seem more applicable to their gods. Moving onto makeup having to be a discrete, barely-there accessory, or the women would be facing a huge amount of trouble. To now, where every person has the chance to use makeup as a  creative component to their everyday lives, rather than just a way to look socially acceptable.

There is no way to where the makeup world will go next. With technology devising pieces that can take on almost any task, who’s to say that there won’t be a robot applying makeup for us in the next 20 years? Or maybe the trend will work its way back again, and makeup will become something we lack, turning to fresh-faced looks rather than full glam every day.

Where do you think makeup will go next?


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