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The Best Accessories to Pair with Your Lingerie

Lingerie Accessories


With an abundance of decadent lace, sultry satin, and luscious ruffles, lingerie makes for a delicious bedroom confection—and accessories are the cherry on top. Make your lingerie outfit even more irresistible when you incorporate these must-have accouterments into your boudoir fashion.


Look Irresistible


Feather Boa

Soft feathers feel wonderful on bare skin and the style of the boa itself adds a vintage flair to your lingerie outfit. For a classic come-hither look, wear a feather boa with a corset and get ready to channel the retro sex appeal of Parisian burlesque dancers. Finish the look with garters, stockings, and stilettos for a Moulin Rouge-inspired get-up that’s red-hot sexy.

The feather boa is a versatile accessory that can be styles in a variety of ways. For modern sex appeal, it adds a soft and feminine contrast to an edgy leather négligée. Choose a feather boa in a bright shade to bring a playful pop of color to sleek and elegant black.

Garter Belt

Originally used by men and women to hold up stockings, the modern garter belt is the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. Made with stretchy elastic and satin accents, garters help bring the attention towards sexy legs by highlighting a sleek line from the mid-thighs to the hips. A relic from the burlesque stage, the garter isn’t necessary in modern lingerie, which makes it even more special as a piece of deliberate fashion. When you wear retro lingerie like corsets and garters, it shows that you’ve put in the extra time and effort to look sexy. In the game of seduction, it heightens the anticipation even more because it’s another item your lover will have to take off.

A multipurpose lingerie accessory, the garter belt has lots of mix and match potential. For a classic burlesque look, the garter belt skirt with a complementary bustier is a two-in-one statement piece that helps lengthen sexy legs while also flattening the midsection. Keep it vintage glam with traditional lace accents or make it an ultra naughty affair with tough and edgy leather.

A single piece of elastic adorned with lace trim and satin bows, the traditional garter is a pretty and flirtatious accessory that is often worn under the bridal gown and also as an accessory for wedding lingerie. In wedding traditions, the garter is the star of the legendary “garter toss,” which involves the groom taking it off the bride’s thigh and tossing it into a crowd of eligible bachelors. Whoever catches the garter is the next lucky gentleman to get hitched.


With the ability to reveal while it conceals, stockings are essential for sexy legs that are sleek and flawless. Look for stockings in a color that complements your negligee, whether it’s a garter belt and teddy combo or a classic corset. The stockings can either be worn with detachable garters or alone for a simple and elegant style. The stretchy fabric of stockings also highlights every lovely curve and contour of your legs while hiding any flaws on the skin. The result is a lingerie outfit that looks polished from head to toe. Stockings also make any pair of sexy stilettos more comfortable, not to mention drop dead sexy.

Depending on the style, stockings also have the ability to completely transform an outfit. For maximum attitude, fishnet stockings are perfect for adding a touch of punk luxe to any type of lingerie or everyday ensemble. Wear it with love-worn cutoffs or a jean skirt for tough girl getaway clothes or make it an evening of Goth-style elegance when you pair it with your favorite little black dress.

High Heels

Whether your outfit is alluring lingerie or casual everyday wear, high heels give your entire silhouette a noticeable lift, a subtle but very sexy effect that should never be underestimated. Once you slip on heels, it instantly boosts confidence by giving you a distinctive power strut. If your lingerie style is modern and daring with lingerie strap accents, dare-to-bare lace cutouts, and the like, keep the naughty vibes going with a pair of chunky stiletto heels.

For more feminine and demure lingerie styles, slip on a pair of kitten heels, a casual bedroom slipper with a dainty and delicate two-inch length. If your lingerie outfit is retro glam, such as corsets and garter sets or classic teddy negligees with a touch of modern, put the finishing touches on your profile with classic mid-length pumps. When it comes to accessorizing, avoid an overdose of matching colors, which can overwhelm your overall look. Instead, make your outfit really pop when you wear heels in a complementary color that matches the accents in your main outfit.


If you pair it with the right type of neckline, jewelry has the power to ramp up the volume on glamour with an eye-catching touch of sparkle. For plunging necklines, a chunky statement necklace or choker helps to highlight a sexy, nearly bare chest. For halter-tops, balance out your silhouette with a few shiny bangles or rhinestone-encrusted bracelets, the season’s favorite accessory trend. Long, dangling earrings are another way to help draw attention to exposed shoulders in halter-top style negligees.

Silk Robe

Made with baby-soft fabric, the silk robe makes another luxurious layer in your intimate apparel outfit. The slinky, relaxed fit falls languorously across the body, an effect that makes it pair beautifully with the soft and flouncy babydoll negligee. The silk robe also doubles as a stand-alone undergarment that takes bedroom lounging to a whole new level of luxuriousness. Wear it alone or over your favorite matching shorts and camisole set for ultra comfortable loungewear that is super wearable and absolutely dreamy. For underwear-as-outerwear combinations, make the upgrade to its close cousin, the silk duster jacket, which makes a sultry cover up for the slip dress, the must-have look of the season.

Exotic Makeup

When you incorporate striking looks into your makeup, it helps bring your entire look to life. Go big with eye makeup that makes a statement, like bright colored eye shadow and matte lipstick in bold, seductive red. Another makeup trend of the season is shimmery metallic shadow in gold or silver, which perfectly complements lingerie and eveningwear with full-on sparkle. Make your face red carpet ready when you complete your high fashion look with false eyelashes, an easy and affordable way to really glam it up in the bedroom. As soon as you put on fake eyelashes, it has the power to transform you into an instant bombshell, making you the star of your own personal runway in the boudoir.



When it comes to the art of seduction, give your lingerie maximum sex appeal when you include the right accessories, the icing on the cake.



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