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That girl needs some drama

That girl needs some drama (Article Source:  Ionnysworld)


I know I look a little bored with my  sites so it’s time more dramatic one. I like to wear strong colors for strong look, but we need the necessary condition and tools to make the look! This is a very simple look to do, I only used three shades of eye shadow with a pair of Just a Girl Lady false eyelashes,  you can try it too!

Picture edited in contrast











Products used:
  • Primer Elf
  • Eye Kiss My Sass (see picture above)
  • Maybelline Waterproof Mascara
  • Bullseye eyelashes


  • Giodani foundation Oriflame Gold antiage
  • Powder Maybelline Affinitone
  • NYX Concealer
  • Max Factor Blush Chestnut
  • Elf Brightening Luminance


  • NYX Black Label Lipstick Nude
  • Volume Gloss Boots


Now I really want to introduce these lashes in more detail superb! Some time ago I placed an order on the website Madame Madeline and I got all the lashes on the wonderful site! These are called Just a Girl false eyelashes by Bullseye and they differ from normal lashes!  A cute little box of very durable plastic, fitted with a large mirror. This box (compact) can be reused! These lashes are long and curved, perfect for a dramatic look! The price is $ 11 a pair, a very affordable price for such wonders!
What do you think about this look?  *Kisses*

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  1. whatsstylekandee

    do u take the false eyelash off so it won’t it tear?

  2. Biccoria

    You dont need any special remover. They just peel off, but make sure you use STRIP EYELASH GLUE, not individual lash glue, the individual glue is much harder to get off! Cheers!

  3. admin

    When I take mine off, I use a andrea oil free makeup remover wipe (but I assume that it would work with any wipe) and just fold it over the real and fake lash and I hold it there so that it can break down the glue and make-up then take off the lash, and rub the lash to get the mascara and excess glue off, then just store it for later use.

  4. TxNickel

    I have recently started using fake eyelashes and have had so much trouble putting them on. I am going to mimic your kms look. The eye shadow and false lashes combination simply look gorgeous.

  5. joanna

    Your lashes look good for going out! I’m jealous of your lashes. Your eyes looks amazing ! ❤

  6. Ahon

    Thank u for the makeup look! Very helpful. I have the some question. How many
    times can we reírse the same pair of lashes And what are the steps for cleaning them and what lipstick are you using? Luv the look.


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