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Summer Hair and Beauty Essentials You Can’t Live Without


At last, summertime is finally here. This is the best time to make sure your beauty regime is in tip-top condition, so you can look great while out in the sunshine. After the cold of winter, your skin and hair may be feeling dry and lifeless. To make sure you are looking beach-body-ready then you need to spend extra time pampering yourself, ready for the sunshine. If you are not sure what your skin or hair needs, take a look at the best summer hair and beauty essentials you can’t live without.

Exfoliating Skin Scrub

It’s time to shed your dry, wintery skin ready for summer. Exfoliating regularly removes dry dead skin cells from your skin and helps it to feel soft. This is essential for getting ready for summer and it’s so easy to do.

  • DIY – you can make your very own body scrub using a few items from the kitchen. If you like to drink coffee, then take the remainder granules and mix with your favorite body oil. Coconut oil works really well. If you don’t have any coffee lying around then you can use fresh sea salt or sugar to mix with oil. Scrub your skin in circular motions then rinse with water. This works really well for those that prefer to use natural ingredients.

  • Buy a specific body scrub. There are lots of cheap body scrubs in stores for those of you that don’t want to get your hands dirty. Simply follow the directions on the bottle.

  • Use an exfoliating mitt or scrubber. Anyone can use a mitt or scrubber to exfoliate their skin, though this is a good option for those that suffer from skin problems, like acne or sensitive skin

Try to keep on top of your exfoliating routine to ensure your skin is always soft.

Summer Hair Accessories

Summer is the best time to get creative with your hairstyles and accessories. It’s the best time to get colorful and quirky hair accessories to brighten your look. Spring and summer are the best time for hair growth and so it’s a good time to try and embrace your natural hair type, whether that be sleek and straight or kinky curly.

  • Find pretty, colorful accessories to brighten your look. Things like bandanas, hair clips, flower crowns and head chains to give you the summer vibe.

  • Play around with different hair lengths to change up your look for summer. If you're feeling brave, get a haircut to get your hair feeling supple and healthy. Or experiment with hair extensions and weave to make your hair look thicker and longer. If you are looking for a reputable store click here.  

  • Take a look online for some cute hairstyle ideas that you can do yourself. YouTube is a great place to find tutorials of pretty, easy hairstyles that you can do at home.

  • Take care of your hair, and give it an injection of moisture after the drying winter months. You can use hair masks or hot oil treatments to make your hair feel soft and healthy.

Brighten Your Makeup Bag

Revamp your makeup bag with some fresh new products to brighten your summer look. Bright lipsticks and new fake eyelashes are sure to add to your summer makeup. Take a look through your makeup bag and identify which products you can save until winter, I’m thinking thick foundations and dark eyeshadow pallets to name a few.

Take yourself to the nearest drugstore to pick up some new summer essentials:

  • If you're a girl that re-uses false eyelashes, then throw out your old, used ones. It’s good to have a spring clean of your makeup bag, and fresh fake eyelashes are such a good way to revamp your makeup bag.

  • Pick yourself up some bright colored lipsticks, to brighten your face in the summer. Peaches, reds, and pinks are all great colors to make a statement.

  • If you don’t already, try using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of thick foundation in the summer months. This will help your skin to breathe in the heat and will give you a great summer glow. Lots of tinted moisturizers also come with SPF to protect sensitive skin on your face.

Hair Removal

After months of keeping your skin under wraps it’s time to de-fuzz. Probably the most satisfying feeling is going to the salon after a long winter for a summer ready hair removal session. Hair removal is the fastest way to make you feel summer ready.

  • Waxing is a great way to remove hair from your body. You can treat yourself to a salon wax to prepare your skin for summer. Or if you would prefer to do this yourself, then you can buy hot wax or wax strips from your local beauty store. These can be a cost-effective way to remove hair, though it won’t be as good as the professionals.

  • Use an epilator at home, to remove hair from your body. This is an effective way to remove hairs, pulling them out from the root, like waxing.

  • Shaving is probably the cheapest way to get hair free skin. If this is your desired method of hair removal, then make sure you go for a razor with 5 blades for a closer shave. Be mindful that shaving entails a lot more maintenance then compared to waxing or epilating but it helps to make skin feel smooth.

Pamper yourself in time for summer with these top tips. This will ensure your hair and skin is looking its best, whatever you have planned for summer. What’s your usual beauty regime for summer? Let me know in the comments below. 


Article by Hollie Jones. Hollie Jones is a freelance writer and part owner of the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She loves to write about a range of subjects, like all-natural beauty, interior designs and upcycling. She hopes to share her expertise and hopes to be a positive influence in their lives.


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