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Spring Beauty and Fashion Essentials

Another set of fashion shows is behind us, and they have provided us with the whole new set of very interesting beauty and fashion trends. The season changing period is known as a perfect time to fully express ourselves through fashion anyway. I’ve made a list of ultimate designers’ and bloggers’ choices that you definitely need to try out this season. Enjoy.


The last year was all about crimped locks, heavy contouring, half buns etc. In the year of 2017, things are completely different. It’s really all about embracing your natural beauty (kind of…). Without further ado, here’s a list of everyone’s favorite beauty looks and proper ways to rock them.

Mermaid eyes

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Dark and smoky eyes are a thing of past. Now, the major place under the spotlight goes to embracing your inner Ariel. You can achieve this look by applying blue shimmery eye shadow on outer part of your eyelids, purple shade on the inner side and green below the eyes. Finish the entire look by adding a dash of gold at the inner corners of your eyes and some cool fake eyelashes. But, while wearing this look, make sure your clothes are minimalistic, and your lips neutral.


As you probably already know, this is just a fancy new term for highlighting. You will basically focus on embracing your natural glow with some extra layers of highlighter and no bronzer. Achieve this look by applying a highlighter on the parts of your face that catch light after you’re done powdering. Finish it all off with some blush on your cheeks and you’re good to go.

Metallic nails

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They’ve had a major breakthrough in 2016, and they are apparently still around. Now, there are many variations, you can opt for a classic mirror-like design or you can do them in green, yellow, blue, red etc. The good news is that this is actually not that difficult to achieve. All you need is a nail gel, UV lamp and a sparkly powder you’ll rub onto your nails.

Glitter lips

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Many brands like DKNY and Fendi embraced this bold statement makeup trend on their fashion shows. And yes, it is super cool, but my advice is to use it only for parties. You’ll agree that it is not really appropriate for work or school, right?


Hair trends come and go, but blonde hair never seems to leave the throne. It’s probably because it makes younger girls look older and sexier, while at the same time, it makes older women seem younger and fresher. However, make sure you find the shade that suits your skin type the best if you really want to look good with this. Darker skinned girls look much better with warmer and deeper colors like blorange, baby blonde or creamy blonde, while pale skinned girls look better with cool tones like white blonde or silver blonde.

Rapunzel long hair

There’s long, there’s super long and then there’s Rapunzel long hair. By that, I mean hair that reaches all the way to your hips. Many celebrities like Kim K or Cher are embracing this trend because of its glamorous and sexy vibe. And yes, I know, it takes years to grow hair that long, but luckily for us there is now a thing called hair extensions, so fulfill your child dream of being a Rapunzel and start saving hair-extension money.


Now that we took care of our face and hair, it is time for clothing. Here is what spring of 2017 has for you.


Designers like Balenciaga and Dries Van Noten embraced full head-to-toe floral outfits as well as floral dresses and playsuits. And please, dear Devil wears Prada fans, spare us from your: “Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Reference and give this trend a chance, because it is fabulous. Bouquets, carnations, daisies – everything you can imagine is now on breezy Honey Peaches dresses, pants and shoes. It is probably because we all got sick and tired from the coldness, pale colors and monochrome combos. Plus, we all missed flowers so much.

Super stripes

Among many minimalistic and classic trends there is this, ready to take the throne. You can find these bold and bright spring stripes in all color palettes: from rainbow combos all the way to primary colors that are anchored down with white or black. Mostly you will see them on dresses, which is great for all of my working gals. Just pair it with classic black heels and rock the streets.

Super bright colors

If you are wondering why so many models wore glasses on S/S 2017 fashion shows, it’s because they didn’t want to go blind from the brightness of their outfits. Colors like fire red, Kermit green, royal blue and yellow dominated over the color black this year. It is time to get yourself a carnation blouse and anchor it down with basic black pencil skirt – everyone in your firm will drop their jaws when they see you.

Mix & match

You can now get eccentric even during daytime – Gucci, Chanel and Dolce showed us how. For example, combine your cropped ripped boyfriend jeans with floral ballet pumps, bold bejeweled accessories, printed T-shirt and a bright jacket, and boom, you are ready for a date night, a night out, a movie night or a happy hour at the office.


PicMonkey Collage.jpg


If you don’t feel like getting ready for work today, Lacoste and Jonathan Simkhai got you. Just toss on your fancy outwear-like robe and you are ready.

Navel-grazing necklaces

It’s time to stop and take a breath from chokers, because 2017 is all about the longer – the better movement, which was confirmed by Prada and Givenchy. Note that these look fabulous with work attire a.k.a. sweaters, blazers etc.

That would be it. How do you like these trends? Let me know.


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