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Secret Techniques to Make Your Fake Lashes Last Longer – Sshhh Girls!!

Let Them Get Jealous of Your Never-Falling Drop Dead Gorgeous Lashes!!!

Attending 3 consecutive family functions out of station or going on a honeymoon trip? Pure fashionistas know the pain of spending more than 15 minutes on just fake lashes, especially when you have a lot more to do. It is perfectly OK to work extra on your lashes at home but on outdoor trips, save time, budget and luggage space all together simply by making your fake lashes last longer, or throughout your trip.

Red Cherry Lashes are made from natural human hair and can be used to make your cousins drool throughout the events. Instagram Red Cherry lashes photos will leave you craving for real-looking lashes. Choose Red Cherry 43 number lashes as these are especially manufactured for everyday use.

Red Cherry lashes

Use Makeup Remover Cleansing TowelettesSecret 01 – Use Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Many reputed brands are producing makeup removing towelettes which are good alternatives for cotton pads. When removing mascara, eyeliner, and other eye makeup, you may mess up your eye lashes with cotton threads when using cotton pads.

Place the towelette between your eyelashes (upper and lower strips) and let the lashes rest on the towelette. Now cleanse off the eye makeup without touching the sticky eyelash strip. Red Cherry 43 lashes have longer lash hair. Such a length gives you extra space to remove the makeup and eye embellishments etc.

Secret 02 – Keep Them Softly Oiled

Keeping your fake eyelashes dry for longer will let the air pass through the adhesive surface between eyelid and lashes, breaking the bond. But you cannot keep them wet also, right? The secret is to keep them softly oiled. Avoid very sticky oils for this purpose. Dab baby oil gently with cotton cloth or towelette and let it absorb. Your lashes won’t go anywhere. Avoid dabbing too much oil on eyelid and eyelash adhesive strip.

Oiling your natural hair fake lashes would make them look similar to Instagram Red Cherry lashes photos. This is a hot style to attend pool and beach parties.

Secret 03 – Comb the Lashes

Combing the lashes keeps them in shape. When we wear fake lashes for longer, may be for a whole week, they start losing their shape. Persistent air pressure loosens the stickiness of eyelash and they start falling off. Combing the lashes also removes the dirt and dust particles, which combine to put extra weight on the lash hair.

Avoid touching or playing with your lashes as it not only makes them fall off but also messes their shape up. Don’t you want to reuse your lashes?

Red Cherry lashes are reusable as these are made of natural human hair. For a wide range of human hair lashes variety, look no further than www.madamemadeline.com. No matter what size and shape your eyes are, you will find every lash style here.

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