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Professional Eyelash Extensions: To C Curl Or Not

eyelash extensions madame madelineFor any women interested in having lash extensions done there are a few different styles on the market that you may want to know about. The most popular has been the J Curl.   J-Curl extensions has a nice soft curve that can compliment any natural lash and has been a favorite for most eyelash extensions clients.

Recently a new type of  lash extension has made it’s way onto the scene. It’s the C-Curl and just as the name sounds so does the lash look. This style lash extension has an extreme curl that resemble the letter “C” and is not a style that works for just anyone. If your lashes are super straight you may not be a good candidate.

Due to the extreme nature of the curl there is not much room for the C-Curl extensions to adhere therefore not offering enough base support to hold the lash for a long period. An option would be for the lash professional to curl your lashes first with a heated lash curler. Clients whose natural curled lashes would obviously benefit more since it would follow the line of the curl alot more and offer the base support. One thing to mention is that the C-Curl lashes does offer more pronounced and dramatic look where the J-Curl lashes offers a more natural look. It’s just deciding what look you want to achieve and this of course I would recommend discussing with your eyelash professional prior to the application.

To see pictures of C-Curl and J-Curl mink eyelash extensions lashes,  visit Madame Madeline site or click HERE.

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  1. Pineda T

    I have had a few experiences of lash extensions. The entire procefure can take a good 1 to 2 hours. I usually fall asleep during the process. They are so pretty and open up and fan out my eyes like the high end mascara. And it’s so nice not having to put mascara on in the morning! So far, they have lasted for six weeks and I’ve only lost about half a dozen of them (which is your natural lash shedding cycle, nothing more – they’re probably falling out slower than normal in fact, as I’m not applying mascara or rubbing them.) They still look beautiful and I get comments on them everywhere I go.

  2. tamy

    I have been wearing eyelash extensions for about 7 months now. Having fairly straight natural eyelashes, my technician recommended J Curls for me. While I love them, it is a pain to go in for fills every 2 to 3 weeks. These are very addictive, just like fingernails. Having long and full lashes has a huge impact on my appearance and I just love waking up to them!

  3. c&l

    I’m gonna do some permanent lashes and I wanted to know which adhesive to buy for the longest lasting hold -30+ days. I’m looking for medical/surgical grade, made in USA…

    Is anyone familiar with Lash beLong:retail ($65) or Pro Bonding Glue retail ($62.50). If not, do you recommend others??

  4. Daytonn

    I really like this website! I love the content.

  5. Richardo

    I’m gonna do some permanent lashes and I wanted to know which adhesive to buy for the longest lasting hold -30+ days. I’m looking for medical/surgical grade, made in USA…

  6. giselle

    Not sure if they’re made in the USA but here’s a link to some pretty good med-grade adhesives for lash extensions http://www.madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/products.asp?cat=44

  7. rachelw

    Lash extensions are pretty $$$. It’s really much cheaper to just buy temporary strip and individual lashes. I think so anyway. But I will still splurge on lash extensions every now and then because I love waking up with beautiful lashes that look like my own. Doesn’t hurt when I have a new beau either and don’t want him to see me without my falsies…lol!

  8. corinee

    anyone try the mink lashes? they seem like such a luxury but i would love to get some feedback on the mink lash extensions and how much they cost to get done. oh and where can i get these done in los angeles? any salons that specialize in these?

  9. kiki

    I get lash extensions all the time. Can I just buy my own from MM http://www.madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/proddetail.asp?prod=And%5Flash53 and take them to a salon to get them done or do I need to be a technician or something to purchase them?

  10. ggluvslashes


    I would love professional eyelash extensions, but I have very sparse lashes. I just received a gift certificate for a lash boutique in LA from my girlfriends for my birthday. I went in to have my lashes done. Sadly, the lash tech told me my lashes would be really tough to work with for eyelash extensions because they weren’t naturally full enough to glue the lash hairs onto. This was kind of disappointing, but I also thought, “Well, duh. That’s why I want the lash extensions!” They tried to adhere some single lashes to mine but that looked weird and lasted for about 4 to 5 days, but really didn’t have that “wow” effect I was looking for. I’m going back to the individual eyelash clusters that I can glue on my lid instead. It was worth a try, but I guess I’ll save a lot more money this way anyway.

  11. vicky

    Hi, i am using bling adhesive for the lash extensions, it dires quickly which is perfect but I think the staying power can sometimes be questionable…..what does everyone else think and can u recommend anything else?

  12. Limor

    Lash techs make a LOT of money. My lash tech charges $150/hr to apply lashes and $120/hr to remove my lash extensions. I just organized all my receipts from this year for taxes and my receipts from the lash bar for my 2011 eyelash extensions totaled a whopping $2,600. My husband is having me cut back on my eyelash expenses, so I’m going half strip lashes and half lash extensions for 2012. In response to Marina’s post, there is a lot of money in eyelash extensions. New lash bars are popping up every year, especially in the last 3 years. But, keep in mind, it is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

  13. Brannon

    I’ve had mink lashes and synthetics as well. I actually preferred the synthetics, they weren’t as coarse so they looked a lot more natural.

  14. sirenesbeautyplace

    This is awesome post


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