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Penelope Cruz’s Lashes Are not As Long As They Appear

TelescopeMascaraStraight out of London:  Britain’s advertising watchdog said on Wednesday that the ads from L’Oreal Paris’ Telescopic Mascara could be a little misleading because their spokesperson, Penelope Cruz wore a few individual lashes for the print and television campaigns. We all know ads are not always how they appear, that’s why they are advertising.

L’Oreal did tell the Advertising Standards Authority that the actress did wear a few individual lashes to fill in the spaces in her lashes, stated in WWD. The ASA did request that L’Oreal ad a disclaimer to the ads to let the public know the models were wearing false eyelashes in future ads to clarity its claims on what exactly the mascara will do.

L’Oreal also said in a statement “Telescopic Mascara is a highly effective product, which is proven to perform exactly as we say it is intended to – lashes do appear up to 60 percent longer.”

I say, you be the judge!   If you have tried it, or have a favorite of your own, tell us about it!

Article by Paul Baranda

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  1. FrenchyMiley

    I love mascara and lashes. I am intrigued by how eye makeup can change the way someone looks and feels about themselves,and can instill a quiet confidence in a person or create a completely different character for a production. I work in a production company and find false lashes and mascara a must as part of the make up wardrobe

  2. Silvia

    False lashes enhance the size and appearance of my eyes! I am Asian, so naturally, my eyes are very small; mascara is nice but just can not get my eyelashes to look long and noticeable. False lashes gives me the confidence I need to feel good about the way I look.

  3. blog-me-kisses

    I think it is important for women to avoid going overboard. While the use of some mascara will do wonders, women need to tailor their makeup to match their lifestyle and select the makeup that are most comfortable for everyday use. You will find myself plastering my lashes with mascara and false eyelashes. That just a little bit too much–not to mention that may damage your lashes in the long run.

  4. hnmtowers


    Everything in the cosmetics industry seems to be all about looking good. Ladies, you *might* experience dramatic lengthing of your lashes when you use these products but your lashes is probably never going to look like the dramatic LONG lashes on the ads. The lashes are all computer CGI or use with false eyelashes. I always thought advertisers’ ad must not be misleading but we all know they are. I did buy the Telescopic Mascara btw. My opinion: NOT bad of a product at all. My lashes are definitely looker and fuller. Application is easy and clean. But for sure my lashes looks nothing like Penelopes. False eyelashes, I say nay for daily use. But I do like to glam up with a pair once in a while.

  5. blog-me-kisses


    One new commercial caught my eyes on TV is the TV ad for Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. You should’ve seen the commerical. The lashes on the model was big and highly exaggerative. They are obviously done by computer or false eyelashes, far longer than Penelope’s long curls.

  6. KlaANDBla

    I have lorac publicity stunt mascara on right now. It gave me super long lashes, and has not smudged yet, and I’ve had a long day of running around in the heat, had a nap, rubbed my eyes, and it’s still going strong.

  7. LunaBaby83

    I agree with L’Oreal’s statement that the Telescopic Mascara is a highly effective product whether false eyelashes is used on the commercial or not. In fact one of my favorite is L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black. You don’t have to put a lot of this mascara on because of its intense black color. It is a lengthening and intensifying mascara, best for gothic look and brown+black smoky eyes type of make-up application. I love smoky style specially combination of brown and black, I look more sophisticated and very well respected. This mascara jives well with the mode of intensity. I think the best tool that intensify the effect is the brush. It does not smudge easily too during rainy season. I love to use it daily as it is hypoallergenic. I enjoy the features and I definitely recommend this product to all girls who loves intensity.

  8. h royal

    The newest commerical I saw this week on cable is CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara. They commercial claims it will lengthen and give volume, of course. Most of these products claim to do that. I notice though that most of the models on the commercials seem to be wearing false eyelashes so I’m always a bit skeptical. If you read the LashBlast Fusion ad and look at the small print you will be told that Drew Barrymore, the model in the ad promotion, has had lash inserts applied to add to the lash count before applying the mascara! Interesting. I feel this is misleading since most people won’t notice the fine print.

  9. jennieg

    I really liked Penelope Cruz’s ad. I liked it so much that I went out and bought Telescopic Mascara. The results weren’t that great for me, but it might be because I have crappy lashes. I’ll get the perfect combination of false eyelashes, liner and mascara right one day!

  10. carriem

    From what I heard, a lot of celebrities wear false eyelashes whenever they go out. Penelope deffo looks better with the lashes and mascara. I think she looks beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of Gwen Stefani without lashes. Even in her new L’oreal ads she ALWAYS has fake lashes on. Cool with me. As long as it looks good. I wonder how many pairs of lashes these celebs go through each month. I use about 20 pairs/mo so I buy a whole bunch at a time. It’s cheaper that way. I used the site recommended by other bloggers http://www.madamemadeline.com So cheap!!!

  11. Lashaddict

    I was just talking about this in my marketing class. Like five years ago, I had no idea that any of the models or celebrities in the ads were wearing fake lashes. I really thought they all had they naturally gorgeous long lashes and I just got bad genes. No matter how I applied the mascara, coat after coat, I could never get my own eyelashes to look like that. In a way, I’m glad I know that their lashes are fake, so that I don’t have to beat myself up about that anymore. But, partly, I’m a little miffed that these cosmetics companies are so deceptive. Not only are the models wearing false eyelashes, they’re Photoshopped, too!!! I mean, seriously, if they’re going to be that deceptive, they should really just sell false lashes rather than dishonestly sell mascara.


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