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Athleisure is a trend that almost no one, regardless of their personal style, has been immune to. There are several reasons as to why this is so. One of them is the convenience – athleisure allows you to transition from one daily ‘role’ to another without having to change outfits. Another is supreme designs that make creating these comfortable yet versatile outfits possible and finally, there is the immense evolvement of the trend which has created an environment in which every person can inject as many or as few athleisure elements into their outfit, and hence follow the trend while still fostering their signature style. So, with this kind of possibilities when it comes to variety and ways in which athleisure can be rocked, the fashion sky truly is the limit, so let’s see how fashionable New Yorkers have put their imagination to use and created amazing athletic combos.

Unexpectedly alluring



Well, this is definitely new, and we’ve witnessed plenty of quirky athleisure moments. One of the fashionistas of NYC was spotted rocking cut-off shots and the newly trendy cowboy boots, with her leopard print duffle bag in hand. The surprising athleisure twist is to be found in the two-toned logoed sweatshirt, which makes this look completely different than it would have been with a button down or anything else for that matter. Just when you think the cowboy style and athleisure could never mix, here they are, alive and stunning. This is bound to go global, we are sure of that.

The power of suits

oversized suit


The oversized suit has been all the rage for a very long time, along with a shirt with just one side tucked into the pants. We cannot get enough of the look and wish everyone would suit up. However, now, instead of the killer heels you have the fashionista and designer stamp of approval to rock your amazing New Balance sneakers, and essentially have your cake and eat it too. It’s office-appropriate, what with the looser dress code and everything, and it looks comfortable and chic on the streets as well, so it’s a double win. All you need is a chic designer bag and you’re golden.

Simple and classy

Now this is an athleisure look almost any woman could pull off whether she’s headed to a fashion show, a brunch, running errands or even having lunch at a nice restaurant. A trendy net bag – one of the remains of the summer, paired with a simple but gorgeous green knit sweater dress and a delicate pendant just for added chicness. The look was completed with a pair of simple running shoes that take nothing away from the overall casual chicness yet make the look a whole lot more interesting.

The upside down

all yellow


As said, sneakers aren’t mandatory in order to exude athleisure vibes. You can be wearing a traffic-stopping sporty yellow rubber ensemble with a pair of block-heel mules and still look chic and athletic at the same time. Monochromatic rubber outfits have been all the rage ever since Calvin Klein released the famous yellow rubber dress and we have to admit, they look amazing albeit we don’t know how breathable and comfortable they are. But hey, sometimes you have to suffer for fashion and that’s just the way it is.

Romantic athleisure

Gucci sneaker boots


This version might just be an absolute favorite, because it allows you to create the perfect amalgamation of the romantic and dressy components and those more athleisure-inspired ones. Case in point – a gorgeous and delicate skirt with floral embroidery, a matching embroidered crew sweater, a chic bucket bag with round handles and then boom – chunky Gucci sneaker boots. The juxtaposition of the utter romance against the harshness of the sole on the shoes is incredible, and despite everything, it seems to work, and we for one are in awe of the bravery and vision. All this look is missing is a great red lipstick, and some amazing false lashes in order to exude those glam romantic athleisure vibes.

In the original form

Then again, there are times when you either can’t be bothered or you simply foster that laid-back look but you still want to be on point and on trend – what do you go for then? You pull off a Bella Hadid, put on a simple black crop top, knee-high cargo pants, throw a fanny pack over your shoulder, leave the hair nonchalant and free and top it off with a simple green jean jacket. Effortless athleisure at its finest.  

The hard to miss

neon hoodie


The neon colors have been insanely popular ever since the fall lines were introduced, and people seem to have finally snagged their neon hoodies and fleece jackets. It is a part of the whole athleisure movement, which did give people the freedom to dress however they want, and many have embraced the ‘traffic cone’ look. One such fashionista is the one wearing what seems to be a neon orange hoodie with a few intricate details, wide black pants and open-toed block-heel boots. This is definitely a strong look, its wearability outside the fashion week realm is up for debate, but within this crowd, it surely blends in, poignant hue and all.

The final takeaway – sneakers look good with everything and athletic attire looks great even without sneakers. We promised the sky is the limit and NY fashionistas helped us prove it.




This absolutely brilliant hack will revive your false lashes in seconds

All about that lash life.​


We all love the drama, intensity, and length the our beloved false eyelashes give us when out and about at night or daytime. What we really don't like is tossing them in the trash after one use. Specially when you shell out $$$ for a pair.

Well we have some great news for you lash lovers out there. Yes you can actually clean and reuse your falsies.

A popular Facebook group called 5-Minute Crafts have shared a super simple hack for giving your lashes a clean that takes less than half an hour, using something that we all have in our bathroom shelves- micellar water!

By filling a small bowl with micellar water and leaving your lashes to soak for 15 minutes, you can easily wash away your mascara, grime and adhesive for your day.

After your all done all you have to do is let your lashes dryon a piece of kitchen roll to soak up the extra water before you comb them with an old mascara wand.

Got a little more time on your hands ? Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg, who's worked with the likes of Rashida Jones, Kaley Cuoco and Busy Pillips, shared her failsafe way of cleaning your high street false eyelashes that should give us around a dozen wears per duo.

The secret, according to the makeup pro, is to "treat them like the dishes", and get in the habit of washing them after every use.

Start off by soaking a cotton-bud in a water based eye makeup remover, wipe away with care any extra adhesive on the lash strip. An oil-based remover will warp the lash,” she explained to Refinery29. . “It can also leave a residue on the lash that might interfere with the tackiness of the glue or cause your makeup to run when you wear them next."

Carefully clean the lashes themselves. Greenberg advises sandwiching them in between two tightly wound, makeup remover-soaked cotton buds and combing through to the tips with an old mascara wand. Wait for the lashes to dry completely and carefully mist them with 96% or 99% alcohol to help kill any bacteria and put them back in to their cases.

For the last suggestion, try to take it easy when applying mascara when reusing your falsies. The thicker the coat the more difficult it will be to remove it and can cause distortion of the lash shape when cleaning.

"Cleaning falsies — and keeping their shape — becomes incredibly hard when trying to cut through coats upon coats of mascara," she notes.

Here's to a long and happy lash life.

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