Natural Looking Eye Make-up Just In 10 Minutes
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Natural Looking Eye Make-up Just In 10 Minutes

Natural Looking Eye Make-up Just In 10 Minutes
OMG. Your Eyes. You don't need makeup.

Isn't that the kind of compliment we all secretly wish to receive. But don't know how.

Ditch the second thought.


You are just 10 minutes away from getting naturally beautiful eyes that have been slathered with make-up but don't look made up at all.

Great, isn't it?

In this article, we will be sharing natural eye make up for 2 skin tones. Just before starting, keep all these things ready – eye shadow palette, brow liner, eye liner, mascara, brushes and eye curler.

Now let's start…

A Very Fair Skin

Interestingly, you don't need many colors. All you need to do is the following;

 Begin with applying primer.

 Fill in your eye brows, if required.

 Now start with the shimmery eye shadow close to the brows. It will highlight the brow bone

making it more defined.

 Add light nude color to the crease to add some depth.

 Then take a little darker shade and fill the center of the crease with it.

 Apply the same shadow to the outer corner of the eye with a small blending brush.

 Take the same shadow on an angled brush and wipe the bottom leads with more focus on

the outer corners.

 Fill water line with a white eye pencil.

 Highlight the inner corners to open and brighten up more.

 Highlight the upper eye line with black eyeshadow with an angled brush.

 Apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to add some definition (optional).

 Finally, apply some mascara to the top and bottom lash.

And it's done!

Fair Skin

One can play with some colors on this skin tone.

 Again, begin with applying primer.

 Take peach eye shadow.

 Apply it all over the upper lid softly, smoothly as a base color. Keep it light.

 Take warm brown eye shadow. Apply it below the lower eyelashes, taking the shape of the lashes working upwards.

 Apply the same eyeshadow to the upper eyelashes starting from the angle towards the inner side so that most of the color can be seen at the outer side

 Take a black eye pencil. Apply gently.

 Take burgundy brown color and dab it on top of the line created with the eye pencil. It will

add depth and dimension to the look.

Curl your eyelashes if you would like to with larger eye lash curler and/or the small eye

lash curler.

 Apply mascara to both the eyelashes.

You are good to go!

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Tressie Dawson is a rabid health and natural skincare aficionado. Therefore, she loves to share her knowledge and experience on a variety of skincare subjects with all. Her inspiration lies in all those things that are healthy, natural, and skin friendly. Living by her words, currently, she's using a lifecell wrinkle cream which she loves and recommends highly. You may learn more about the anti wrinkle cream on

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