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Nail Enthusiasts: House of Holland by Elegant Touch

House of Holland Nails MadameMadelineHENRY HOLLAND has already put his stamp on everything from slogan T-shirts to ice cream vans, but now nails have been given the same treatment via a collaboration with Elegant Touch. The designer has created nine sets of false nails in his characteristically zany designs, ranging from the neon “Zig Zag Stardust” to the cartoonish “Face Ache” faces, complete with stick-on googly eyes.

It’s a collection that is brimming with Henry Holland’s renowned sense of humour and uniquely irreverent aesthetic, the range channels House of Holland’s playful personality and includes a mixture of iconic patterns as well as colourful, fun designs to add fashion flair to any outfit.

The designs are some of the most creative, fun and intuitive stick on false nails on the market. The collection has everything from heart shaped claws, classic nudes, faces, geek printed nails and polka dots. This collection of false nails will blow you away

“I’m really excited about branching out into the world of nails with this collaboration with Elegant Touch. I’m super happy with the range and think that it brings a touch of House of Holland to everyone’s fingertips – literally,” said Holland. “The designs are bold, playful and create an individual look at a great attainable price.”


Compliment your false eyelashes with House of Holland Nails

Accessories your false eyelashes with HoH Nails

Natural-looking nails may be one of summer’s biggest beauty trends, but come September these vibrant designs look set to provide some stuff competition for the new season.

Accessories your false lashes with HoH Nails

Decorate your falsies lashes with House of Holland Nails

Decorate your fake lashes with House of Holland Nails

The House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch is now available at Boots and Superdrug. Really reasonable, perfect unique statement nails and definitely a must have for the party season. These are great for a insanely cool full manicure or you could just use one nail as a statement nail. If you are terrible at nail art, these are really worth investing in!   See the Holland Nails designs here.


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  1. KKNOT

    OMG these are stunning. I like it that they are quirky and different than all the other nails out there. I have to find this soon.

  2. A Pena

    Are these reusable, could it be used more than one time?

  3. nyjetsgrl

    These came with glue rather than stickers, so once the nail is off you either soak or buff the remainder of the glue off. I think if you took them off carefully you could use them a couple of times maybe. And you get 24 nails in each pack so you could get more than one use out of them that way if you could make them fit!

  4. donnelli

    In regards to the comments if these are reusable. I find this confusing, if they are reusable, do I peel them off? I was told DO NOT peel off the manicure as it harms your nail bed. If you peel it off you will permanently damage your nails. By damage i mean it will tear off the top layer of your nails which in turn will leave them weak brittle and unable to grow.


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