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My False Eyelash Haul

Madame falsiesThere is something little that is so satisfying and delicious to sit under the sun for a half hour during my busy weekday schedule.  Just sit back and relax or sleep in the heat, relax and forget about everything outside of my  small room.  This little blessing does not last longer than 30 minutes, and when the sleep is over, I wake up more relaxed and is back in real life.  Today is Saturday so now I’m considering a couple of hours sleep on the couch.  I’m not going to school until next Tuesday, my God so delicious!

This afternoon I got the most wonderful package in the mail today! A small cardboard box packed full of eye delights that can also be called false lashes.   I received five different brands of false eyelashes from Madame Madeline . They have lots of cool false lashes!   Some are a bit much for my eyes, but many are absolutely perfect for me. To see more from Madame Madeline,  click here.
They were also so kind to give you readers a discount code so you get 10% discount on your order from here. Use this code:  KSHARE
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  1. heyOzzy

    I’m totally going to run out and buy some lashes this weekend! Normally, I wear them on “special” occasions but I’ve noticed more and more girls just wear them regularly. I am loving falsies now because it really completes the look and great for eyes like mine 🙂

  2. Alyssa

    I LOVE the way false lashes look on you. I started wearing them a few weeks ago. I would wear them and nothing else and look like a total bombshell sex kitten. I am new to this and cant figure out how to put them on correctly. They never get close enough to my own lashes and the corners always want to creep up. The false lashes look amazing on you. Any advice for newbie like me?

  3. Davia

    Your eyelashes looks great! May I ask which brand and style you are wearing? Personally, I absolutely love Ardell false eyelashes! I get asked to apply them more often than not. They are reusable but you have to remember they should only be used & reused on the same person. Always sanitized! I am a huge believer in sanitizing often & always! I use eye makeup remover first to get off the glue & let them soak them in rubbing alcohol then rinse with antibacterial soap and water. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth it to avoid all the funking things floating out there that could seriously cause pain & damage to your eyes.

  4. Eclectic-daisy

    I swear by Ardell false lashes–I wear them for all my photo shoots and appearances. However, because I am a fair-skinned blonde with green eyes, I only wear brown lashes, topped with brown mascara. I have found that this makes a huge difference–black lashes look much heavier and more fake on me than brown ones. I also swear by L’oreal Double Extend mascara in True Brown; this is a primer and mascara combo. However, I do not feel that primer and mascara alone is dramatic enough for shoots.

  5. GenMakeup

    Normally, I wear them on special occasions but I’ve noticed more and more girls just wear them regularly. I love ordering from the madame site too! Here in my little town, the selections at my local beauty supply is just saddening. I get my online now.

  6. KrissyKiss

    I recently acquired a box of assorted lashes and I loved them all. I invited my girlfriends over for a bday/lash and booze party. So much fun. We took a vote on which lashes were better for “every day looks”. I won with a Ardell 110 suggestion. LOL!

  7. yolie

    I really like the lashes in the photo with the crystals. Which ones are those? Which occasions are they good for? Can I wear them to prom? I went to the madame madeline false eyelash site you listed here. Are the falsies like these http://www.madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/proddetail.asp?prod=wildflr

    Please help me find the lashes being worn on the pics. Thanks!

  8. crazy1alex

    My everyday eye makeup is very simple and only consists of a nude colored eyeshadow and a dark brown eyeshadow as eyeliner. I wore some false eyelashes for the first time and it really completes my makeup look for the day. It makes my eyes look simple and defined without the help of other eye makeup
    products. It also helps bring my eyes more attention.


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