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Make The Most of Your Eyes with These 9 Best False Eyelashes

From natural-looking enhancements to full on Hollywood glamour, make the most of your peepers this autumn season.

 Beautiful False Eyelashes Look
If you are hoping to improve what what you already have now got, consider wearing a set of false lashes. They can easily second amp up your look. From nice, delicate styles to sensational, voluminous sets there's a lash for each look, however finding the best match for you can be troublesome, fortunately, that is the place we come in.

It's vital to know how to apply lashes appropriately in light of the fact that regardless of how much experience you may have, they can be a dubious art to ace. Utilizing tweezers, carefully remove your new lashes from the package and check that they fit by setting them softly over the highest point of your lashes. In case that they are too long, cut the lash to the right length. Next, carefully apply a thin layer of lash adhesive along the lash band and hold up for around 30 seconds before you apply. This gives the adhesive time to become a bit tacky, making them easier to stick to your lash line. Next, while looking down or straightforwardly into a mirror, put the lash band as you can to your natural lash line and delicately press them together, guaranteeing that they are correctly in place. With regards to mascara it's all down to individual decision keeping in mind there isn't a set rule that says you can't use mascara before applying falsies, as it is normally done before. Another important thing to keep in mind is what are your lashes made of. Although most lashes are mad with synthetic materials some are made with mink or human hair. In the chance that you do decide on a genuine hair choice know this can accompany moral ramifications so make sure to do your research on the brand. There are a lot of lash companies that offer cruelty-free alternatives.


When it comes to glue, the vast majority of falsies come with a miniature tube but if they don’t you can pick some up easily at your nearest beauty store. Our favourite has to be Duo Adhesive which you can get in the likes of Boots and Superdrug or from online stores.   There is a great variety of lashes availabe. You can find from from cheap to higher end more expensive luxurious lashes. They come in many different lengths and sizes. Available for your daily work days or even for spcial occasions at night time like going out to the club or a nice dinner. No matter what you are looking for we got you 🙂


1. Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Lashes: Ardell Natura Demi Wispies


When you want natural looking lashes these are by a long shot the absolute most natural looking lashes we have encountered, yet with more volume and length. The practically undetectable lightweight band the lashes are joined to means you aren't left with any unforgiving lines and the full, fluttery lashes shift in size for a more normal look. The lashes increment long towards the external edge, where they turn out to be longer and more well proportioned, which extends the eyes. Every set is knotted and feathered by hand for exact definition and can be reused various times; simply make sure to  completely removed any adhesive left over before your next application. The multipack is astounding quality, containing four sets and a small DUO lash adhesive which is by a long shot the best lash glue have ever used. The Demi Wispies are ideal for a great look, simple to apply and can easily be used all night  


2. Modelrock Kit Ready #110 Lashes: 












If your active in social media and keep up with beauty trends then you may have heard of ModelRock Lashes. Their falsies have been making a lot of noise lately with makeup and cosmetics looks and alikes.  Modelrock lashes comes in many variety of styles and can easily show your lash off easily. To If you are new to wearing false lashes then these can be great for you. they will give your own natural  lashes a little oomph, without being too over the top. This set is medium length and will include a touch of volume. The strip is clear and the super-fine lashes are isolated into eight little bunches meaning they look truly regular and feel ultra-lightweight. The thin, adaptable band additionally makes application generally whine free. A little lash adhesive is likewise included and it definitely keeps your lashes on all day. .  


3. Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes #7: 

Huda Samantha Lashes

Another great example of a brand brought to you by make-up artist, blogger and Instagram magnificence influencer Huda Kattan. Huda Beauty is obviously a really big hit among beauty experts and celebs alike (the Kardashians and J-Lo are said to be enormous fans. With a variety of lashes on offer, our top choice is the Samantha set, which guarantee full on excitement and a delicate, finish. it is definitely one of the brand's top of the line styles, this combine are double stacked for additional length, show and volume. Added to a strong dark strip, the wispy lashes are minimized and give your eyes a flutter and, feathery look. Regardless of the dramatization, they're are very sentimental looking and very appropriate to use at night for a nice dinner or another special occasion. These lashes aren't cheap, for the same head turn look, try out the volumeous Ardell Double Up Lashes 203 with twice the amount lashes for a more dramatic look at fraction the price. Ardell Double Up Lashes are made with every fibers which are natural , including human hair, and are totally cruelty free. Make sure to buy some lash glue to go with the because these unfortunately do not come with and adhesive, but they are so good it doesn't really matter.  








4. Mac Cosmetics 35 Lash:

Mac 35 lashes

Who doesn't know about Mac Cosmetics ? Everyone pretty much knows that Mac Cosmetics aces most of its products yet its lash line remains moderately under-the-radar. This high quality set guarantees to change all that. With lashes that carry in size and tapered at either end, the Mac 35s truly improve your look with most length concentrated toward the focal point of the eye. The different bunches give a Twiggy-esque outcome however with a much milder, fun loving shine. With a genuinely fine strip , they can be worn without the requirement of any other make-up and still look astonishing. Adhesive is usually included with these.  








5. Eylure Individuals Lashes – Duos & Trios:

Eylure Individuals Lashes


Sometimes standard falsies can be a bit  difficult to handle, If this happens to you why not make a custom look with Eylure's Duos and Trios? This pack incorporates singular lashes clustered together in segments of two and three flares, so you can customize your look to your own liking. In any  chance that you need something more normal looking, then apply sparsely to the external corner of your eye, orif your looking for a more dramatic look you can pile them up . This set is great because it comes with 2 different lengths medium and also short and normally comes with adhesive and adhesive remover. Can't beat that deal!  








6. Ardell Mega Volume Lashes:


ardell mega volume false eyelashes - 3d fake lashes


So moving on to mega volume lashes. We're sure many of you are wondering about these added drama falsies. Well we have good news!  Multi-layered lashes with tapered tips technology, these lashes blend naturally with your natural lashes while creating a 3d dimensional effect! Utilizing multiple layers implies that they look truly natural, much the same as your own lashes yet with a touch of additional length and a smaller, volumised finish. These specifically are incredible, as the gathering of  copy natural lashes and give you a sensational look. They are quite full on however, so suggest you use these for a night out where you want to go all out glam. Adhesive does not come included with these.  








7. Eylure Fleur De Force Fleur Loves Lashes:

Eylure Fleur de Force

Popular brand Eylure has recently teamed up with popular blogger who is a YouTube star Fleur de Force and offer a very nice classic range of lashes and these turn out to be our most loved set. They're intended to be utilized just on the outer most  part of your eye for a more characteristic look. These are perfect for when you need to keep it straight forward.  They give little trouble and just the right amount of glam. The lashes themselves are fine and wispy with delicate edges for a somewhat tousled and natural look. These work out great for a daily glam look or for a day to night look. Very versatile. The adhesive that is included with them generally holds up very well in keeping your lashes in place. Make sure that with just like any other adhesive to make sure you wait for it to get tacky first.  








8. Red Cherry Lashes #01:

red cherry 01 love these lashes madame madeline



When it comes to semi-permanent, waterproof make-up Red Cherry Lashes has a very good reputation. so it will come to no surprise of the holding power of their lashes. So if you're ready for a night out and need full on glam and a touch of oopmh then these are the ones you want to use . These are Ideal for any night out, these lashes are fixed to a sturdy dark strip for included definition and an eye opening effect. The hairs themselves are ultra-fine and traverse to make genuine volume with a delicate finish. Offering high show and impact , these are ideal for any nighttime look. The strip holds its bend as well, so they're generally simple to apply. Lash adhesive does not come inluded  








9.  Ardell Fashion Lashes #114:

Ardell #114 Lashes - spiky style falsies

Some times we look for a good pair of budget lashes for a quick fix. One of the most popular brands out there is Ardell lashes. Besides them beig very good quality, bold and reusable they are very affordable at un $3.49 here. This brand is even used by celebrities. Halsey used this at the MTV Movie Awards. Goes to show you how good these really are..  







The Verdict: False eyelashes With all these choices we conclude that the Ardell Demi Wispies are our top choice! The fact that they are so easy to apply and have a natural yet fully lashed up look make it an easy pick. Staying on all night is easily helped by the awsome adhesive that comes included with them. For a more dramatic look we like Huda Beauty’s Samantha lashes because even though they are dramatic the stil have a soft feminine and super-glam finish.







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