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Major Beauty Decisions You Should Make This Year

Major Beauty Decisions You Should Make This Year

Photo by Branislav Belko on Unsplash

After many different beauty trends, we have seen over the years, the year before us is all about natural beauty. This doesn’t mean that you should ditch your makeup altogether, but rather that you should focus on gently and subtly emphasizing your best features. If you’re on a lookout for new beauty trends, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to put together a few major ones that will change your life for the better and give you the best results.

Beautiful lashes

While some people are blessed with naturally long and thick lashes, the rest of us have to think about different ways to make ours look as good. There are several ways to achieve that ‘wow’ last effect, and by far the most popular one is wearing several coats of mascara. On the other hand, that can make your eyelids feel heavy and you always have to worry about smudging your mascara, so a lot of girls opt for false lashes instead. These are the best because you can choose a model that works best for you, and you can pick as natural and as ‘over-the-top’ false lashes as you wish. Some girls also choose to get eyelash extensions because these are more convenient and last longer.

Soft lips

Soft lips

Photo by Branislav Belko on Unsplash

Soft, plump lips have always been considered a sign of beauty, and this year, you should focus on keeping your lips healthy too. Lipsticks are amazing, especially the matte ones that have been taking the world by storm, but they also leave your lips dry. To make them soft again, you should apply lip balm and coconut oil to them every night, but first, you should gently exfoliate them. By exfoliating your lips, you’re removing a layer of dead skin cells, making it easier for the nutrients in coconut oil and lip balm to rejuvenate your lips.

Relaxing baths

There is nothing better after a long and stressful day than a long, hot bath. Baths are the best way to unwind and relax while also cleaning your body. You can take this already wonderful experience to the next level by adding different ingredients to our bath. If you’ve been feeling tense and your muscles are sore, Epsom salts in your bath will do wonders for you, and if you’re struggling with migraines, a little bit of ginger will ease the tension. Lavender essential oil will also help people who have problems falling asleep, and coconut oil will make your skin soft and smooth.

Great teeth

Great teeth

Photo by Giorgio Encinas on Unsplash

A set of pearly whites is something we all dream about, but not many of us are blessed with. Fortunately for us, you can actually get your dream smile if you find the right dental specialist. If you have problems with your teeth, visiting a dentist is a must, but even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, you might not be satisfied with your smile, which is when you should visit a cosmetic dentist and discuss your options with them. There are many cosmetic solutions you can choose from and by working together with your dentist you will be able to get your dream smile.

A healthy diet for healthy skin

If you have skin problems that don’t seem to go away, you might want to change your diet and see if the problem persists. Some of us aren’t lactose intolerant but still get breakouts when consuming dairy products, or we might be eating too much sugar or salt. By eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, you’ll help clear your skin. What is more, you could try swapping your morning coffee with cream and sugar for a cup of unsweetened green tea – not only will it boost your metabolism, but it will help with your skin too. Fresh fruit dipped in honey or dark chocolate is a delicious and healthy snack, and your skin will love it too.

DIY hair masks

DIY hair masks

Photo by Sooz . on Unsplash

Going to a hair salon as often as we’d like isn’t always an option because it would simply cost too much. This is the reason why DIY hair treatments are the best; you get a chance to recover your hair for a fraction of the price. Hair masks are the best way to “feed” your hair with plenty of vitamins and nutrients in about 20 minutes. The best thing is that you can make our own hair masks using the ingredients that work best for you, and you can even make it completely natural and organic. Use avocados, Aloe vera, egg yolk and coconut oil to create a mask that will revitalize and recover your hair and restore its shine.

Trends come and go all the time, and keeping up with them can really be exhausting. If you already have a beauty routine that works, you should stick to it. But even so, it’s a good idea to try something new from time to time because you never know when you’ll find another product or a routine that you’ll fall in love with unless you give it a try.

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Simple MakeUp Tips You Ought to Know


Anyone interested in makeup must be willing to try out new techniques in order to achieve a flawless face beat. These new techniques often times could include Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips as well as other makeup products which not only hasten the makeup process but at the same time create a more perfect look. Whether for a special occasion or for everyday use, adding these tips to one’s routine can help save money on beauty products, use less, and get the most out of every powder, cream, and potion owned. Here are six beauty tricks to improve one’s makeup skills.

Curling Eyelashes

A model with a flawless face beat.

Often, people make the mistakes of curling eyelashes by merely clamping down the mascara wand and counting to three. Not only does this make an unnatural crease in one’s eyelashes, often times these curls do not last.

Rather, a much suitable option that lasts longer is the pump technique, start at the base of the eyes, pump the wand three times and do the same at the eyelashes midsection. Finally, repeat these pumps at the tips.

Fake Falsies With Baby Powder

Talc Baby Powder.

Talc powder. Photo Vogue

Despite the cuteness of false lashes, they can, sometimes, be a pain to apply. Rather than having to glue on falsies, try using mascara and baby powder to make one’s lashes longer and fuller. After curling one’s eyelashes, apply one coat of mascara, dip a clean mascara wand or cotton swab into some baby powder and apply along the undersides of one’s lashes. Then apply another coat of mascara. The mascara adheres to the baby powder thus creating dark fibres which cause the lashes to look longer and fuller without falsies.

The Perfect Eyeliner Wing

A model with the perfect smokey winged eyeliner.

The eyeliner wing is a timeless makeup look that can make a girl’s eyes pop. The key to achieving this is avoiding harsh lines and achieving the perfect smudge. However, it could be a bit difficult to get the perfect wing with a thick eyeliner. Hence, try heating up the eyeliner by holding a lighter to its tip for about 2 seconds. Allow it cool for 15 seconds before applying with a brush.

DIY Oily Skin Toner

facial toner

Facial Toner. Photo: pinterest

A toner is highly ideal to tame both dry skin and oil patches. It works to sop up extra oil at night and is ideal for skin tone, texture and colour. To achieve the DIY toner, mix a half-cup of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of tea tree oil. Add one cup of warm water, all in a clean spray bottle. Spray the toner onto a cotton pad and swipe it over one’s face twice daily. If one’s skin is oily, simply add more apple cider vinegar. If it feels dry, on the other hand, increase the tea tree oil, then follow up with an oil-free moisturiser.

However, if one has a normal or combination skin, try green tea as a toner. Brew a cup of green tea, let it cool, and then pour it into a spray bottle. It keeps for about a month and works wonders for calming redness.

Foundation Application

Kalab Foundation Brush

Liquid foundations could be applied with a blending foam. Yet, it might be a bit difficult to properly blend in one’s foundation using a blending foam. However, a much easier technique is to use a Foundation brush; a stipple brush, a round brush with flat bristles. Just dot the foundation over one’s face, use the brush to press it into pores, and then sweep to blend. It gives a nearly perfect airbrush finish with minimal product.

Exfoliating Lips

Mega matte dark red lips.

Mega matte dark red lips | Pinterest

Applying lipstick over chapped flaky lips is definitely not a great look. Because lips are made of thin skin, they are prone to drying out and flaking. Just as one exfoliates one’s face and body, one’s lips can use a little bit of that love as well. Use a clean, soft toothbrush to banish flakes for good. Just wet it and run it on one’s lips in a circular motion, taking care to be gentle (there’s no need to scrub). Then, make sure to moisturise well with a quality lip balm. For effective results, this should be done once a week.

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