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Lure with Eylure Lashes!

Your eyes are moments away from a celebrity makeover with Eylure Katy Perry Lashes!

Lure with Eylure! madamemadelineEyes are the window to your soul, so why not have a bit of fun with those frames? Grab some attention and get noticed with your changed look with Eylure Naturalite Lashes. Don them every day or for special occasions; if you love to be seen, Eylure Lashes ensure that you make a refined lash statement.

Madame Madeline puts an end to your beauty woes by presenting Eylure Eyelashes that give those batting eyelids an intense, fuller look. Made with 100% natural hair and ideal for all eye shapes, Eylure Naturalite Lashes are the perfect accessory to achieve those ultra-glam lashes. These falsies are fairly easy to use and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without being over-the-top. Planning to do it yourself? Leave your worries to Eylure as Eylure Eyelashes package comes with lashfix glue and application and care instructions.

The vivacious can dare to capture the glamour of Hollywood by adding a powerful punch to their lash look using Eylure Katy Perry Lashes – Banging Beauty. These beautiful full, medium length lashes by Eylure will add curl, length and volume for a lash statement. DIY with the included adhesive and application guide and buff up those beautiful eyes with these 100% natural, handmade, and reusable falsies.

You can always add some color to those frames! Eylure Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes contain a layered strip lash in black with splashes of color. Make room for Ka-Boom for a hint of electric blue, or make Ka-Ching your thing for a flash of peacock green on your eyelids, or be a violet tipped beauty with Ka-Pow! Eylure Katy Perry Lashes bring a pop of color for your lashes! These ultra lightweight, layered strip lashes work with all eye colors, helping you look amazing and working your look tirelessly for hours.

You may choose to keep it natural and subtle with Eylure Naturalite Lashes- blue-tify your lash line with Eylure Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes or go all out and use all three jewel tones. Lashes really are your new secret weapon to make heads turn to those fuller curvy strands.

For  2014 Eylure rebranding come with 8 categories for every lash needs – Naturals, Lengthening, Texture, Dramatic, Volume, Definition, Exaggerate and Pro-Lash. The band on each one has been treated to ensure it keeps its shape.

Explore the complete range of Eylure products at www.madamemadeline.com and get ready to lure with Eylure!  Also check out Ardell Color Impact Lashes for more discount colored lashes.

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