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Does the name Jacinda Ardern ring a bell? If it doesn’t, you’re likely not alone, as she’s mostly known in New Zealand, as their current Prime Minister. However, she’s also a woman bravely venturing into momhood ever since June this year, in her late thirties, and unmarried.

If you take a closer look at her Instagram feed, in addition to her radiant smile and unwavering charisma, you’ll notice she boasts quite a sense of style. In a sense, she is everything women aspire to be: successful, unhindered by judgement, and intensely authentic without being solely defined by either one of her immersive life roles. She is the epitome of inspiration for our upcoming 2019.

However, you need to remember that you already are a Jacinda. Or a Christina, Masha, or Cristal for that matter. Despite all the struggle moms are experiencing in this day and age, despite all the possible judgment, criticism, and shaming you might have tasted yourself in the past, there’s passion and there’s beauty in all of us, waiting to bloom in the time we have yet to conquer. Here are just a few ways you can make it happen.

Treat yourself

Looking Outside

How long have you been eyeing those delicious earrings in the artisan shop you pass by on your way to work? Or the fabulous new lipstick in the shade of as-bold-as-it-bloody-gets red? As a mom, you’ll always have other priorities, and anything as “frivolous” as beauty products may never make the cut for your must-haves. As a role model for your kids, and a woman with a personality of your own, it should make sense to simply indulge in the little pleasures of life in healthy amounts, to show your kids to love themselves. Plus, you really do deserve it.

Try something extraordinary, such as accentuating your gaze with fake eyelashes to add another feminine note to your look. Whatever may be up your style alley, do consider an occasional treat for yourself, and your look will reflect your own creativity.

Free up some time for self-care

Childrens Blocks

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Even before you’ve embarked on the wonderful parenthood journey, you’ve known that it’s not a full-time job, but a lifetime of responsibility. As rewarding as being a mom is, even through all the rants and ear infections, you still need to spend some quality time doing things on your own. It can be something as simple as browsing for shoes, getting a massage, or that long-overdue waxing. However, you cannot wait for all of your closest relatives to free up their time to take care of your little one.

You can always look for a reputable learning centre nearby where your kids will not only have constant supervision, but also have tons of fun while you’re finally taking some time to yourself. It will be so delightfully liberating that you might make it into a standing appointment with yourself – and a well-deserved one, at that.

Leap out of your comfort zone

It seems that too many moms out there admire other moms for their impeccable style or their cooking skills, but they never seem to venture outside of what they believe is possible or doable. Of course, every life has a different storyline, so does yours, but you can always implement novelty into your own plot and allow yourself to grow on more than one plain in life.

Whether you’ve wanted to change jobs, pick up an online course, learn a language, try athleisure, or simply put on that royal blue power suit, 2019 is just close enough to prepare to say yes. It’s not just about the suit or the skills, it’s about pushing your own boundaries once more, to give yourself another layer of timeless beauty to go with that power suit!

Set your own goals – and follow through

Fashionable Mom

Photo by Juri Gianfrancesco on Unsplash

While it’s one thing to try and mimic Dawn Zulueta’s effortless elegance, throw a few animal print tops and faux leather leggings into your wardrobe, it’s an entirely different venture to attempt to become a Dawn online. Find a way to celebrate your look and to achieve your goals in ways that you can keep up with your own tempo of living.

It’s no easy feat being a mom, a business guru, and a significant other to someone, not to mention a friend, a daughter, or any number of roles you have embraced. Whether you want to become an Insta-perfect mom fashionista, or spend more time with the kids without sacrificing your sanity and self-care, every single one of these goals needs those milestones and ideas on how to achieve them. They may not happen overnight, but you’ll get there if you design your own rhythm and follow through.


Being a mom rocks. Remember that even with the sleepless nights and the relentless zit fest, being a mom is a chance to be an inspiration, a Jacinda, and a role model for your kids, as well as other moms you know. Finally, remember that you already are all of that.



How to Apply Magnetic Lashes Like An Expert

Magnetic lashes promise an easy, mess-free alternative to the sticky glue stuff, but there are a few things you should know before trying to apply your first pair.



Expertly Apply Magnetic Lashes

Photo: Getty Images, Ardell

My alter ego wears a luscious set of mink lashes every single day. The real me only wears false eyelashes on special occasions because they take too much effort. So when magnetic lashes hit the scene last year, my interest was piqued. Sandwiching your lashes between two magnetized eyelash strips sounded way more doable than using glue (near your eye no less!) on an everyday basis.

As soon as I heard about them, I started going deep on magnetic lash research. One Two Lash bills itself as the OG magnetic lashes, but they're pricey at $59 to $89 per set. They've also been roasted by quite a few internet beauty gurus: Apparently, since they have one magnet in the center, they tend to stick up in the inner and outer corners. But I realllllly wanted to love magnetic lashes, so I decided to go with a lower-risk $9 version from Amazon. Alas, the gurus were on to something—since they didn't have magnets on the ends, I couldn't get them to sit flush against my lashline. (

A few months later, Ardell came out with a drugstore version of magnetic lashes for little more than 10 bucks. I immediately bought some Magnetic Double Wispies and Magnetic Double Demi Wispies, and both looked like regular fake eyelashes. Unlike the other pair I tried, Ardell's lashes have four sets of magnets throughout the strip, so they hug your lashline instead of sticking up on the ends.


How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

After experimenting with magnetic lashes, I've got the application down to a science. Some people will chop them in half to prevent the corners from sticking up—Ardell even sells a pre-cut version now—but IMO, since they have magnets throughout, it's really not necessary.

  1. The lashes are a little bit too stiff right out of the package, so before applying them, I roll them out to emphasize the bend. (I've seen YouTubers wrap strip lashes around a pencil to do so.)
  2. Then I place the top strip to rest on top of my lashes, making sure it's perfectly lined up.
  3. While holding that in place, I open my eyes really wide (this is key) and bring the lower set underneath to meet the upper. I use the same technique as this Instagrammer:

Have I realized my dreams of becoming a perpetual lash-wearer? Negative. While the lashes are super easy to apply, they aren't as comfortable as glued-on falsies. When you have them on, you know they're there. It's not a pinch but more of a light itch. (Good news: If they're driving you crazy, you can pop the magnetic lashes off and reuse them as long as they're makeup free.) I prefer to alternate between the two and wear regular false lashes when I'll have them on for longer periods of time. 

Maybe the next development in fake-lash technology will solve all my falsies problems. But, for now, magnetic lashes are as easy to apply as I was hoping they'd be. If you're scared of glue, they might just be worth a try.


New Magnetic Lashes




Credit: Olivia Muenter

Face oils, a particular brand of lip balm, and all kinds of fake lashes  some of things that are pretty much hard to quit once you have added them to your daily beauty routine. It becomes even more difficult to stop once you start using over the top lash extensions, and extra long falsies. Sure, there's always the possibility that one day after New Year's Eve you'll go through airport security with a strip of false lashes stuck to your shoulder (I don't want to talk about it), but even then it's usually worth the dramatic final look. Now there is a new lash invention that caught my attention. At first I was a bit skeptical but they have my full attention now!

It's a bit weird to think of having magnets near your eyes but that is not as scary like say surgical glue so near your eyeball. But what really got me with the concept of magnetic lashes is the instability of it all. I have become pretty good at putting them on now although I don't consider myself and expert. All I know is that once these suckers are on correctly they stay put for 24 hours for sure! This is important. No, I'm not usually wearing my false lashes on a speedboat ride or during any intense physical exercise but I do like my lashes to be securely on and not have to worry if any of the events just mention do happen. At first I didn't have that sense of security with magnetic lashes but I gave them a try as soon as I heard that my favorite lash brand Ardell was going to be selling their own version at every major store.

At $13.99 these new Ardell magnetic lashes are a great deal! They come available in 5 varieties      and also offer full lash sets, that are more similar to the typical glue on lash strips and also offer accent lashes too. For people used to the lower prices of traditional glue on falsies (that you will just end up throwing away) the price might sound a bit shocking. But one of the major benefits of magnetic lashes is that you can reuse them safely and hygienically for as many times as you want. Suddenly the $13.99 price tag doesn't sound too bad after all 🙂

Lash Choices:

Ardells Most Popular Styles In Magnetic Option

Ardell's new magnetic lashes offer three full-strip sets and two accent lashes. I tried out one of each for the purposes of this experiment.  


Application Of Magnetic Lashes

The idea of magnetic lashes is that each eye has two sets — one that goes above your lashes, and one below. The magnets on each set lock together to secure themselves to your lash line. At least, that's the idea.

Don’t get me wrong, it took a while for me to get the hang of applying these lashes. In the beginning it too me 2 to even 3 times the time it took me to put on my regular fake lashes. There was a lot of trial and error. But remember that when you first started using the regular falsies it took a long time to apply as well. So I would say practice makes perfect with these lashes as well. Plus, with these, there was no lash glue gunking up the falsies after each application, so I really could keep trying to apply them over and over. Some of you may think that you would prefer more the secure fit of glue rather then magnets but you will get used to it eventually.

Final Results:

Natural Look

Long Magnetic Lashes

Full Magnetic Lashes

I liked the accents (bottom left) but surprisingly prefer the full strip lashes (bottom right photo). However, I also wore these with only a few lone lash extensions on my eyes (see above, before photo) and no other makeup.  It's possible with a more dramatic look — thick black eyeliner or a smoky, maybe — that both of these would have looked better, but especially the accents

I did find that once in a while when I thought the lashes looked ok, the other one on the other eye would be falling off. It was difficult sometimes to find out which one (top or bottom) was the problem one, and it was extremely frustrating to go back and forth a thousand times.  A super helpful guide would be  this video from Ardell who actually make it look easier then it really is, regardless it still helps.

Ardell Beauty on YouTube

Practice makes perfect and eventually with like many cosmetic products i came to lie them very much. I think if you're a lash newbie, or you're committed to spending some time mastering magnetic lashes, these would be worth it given the fact that they could last you dozens and dozens of wears.

These one-two snap-on beauties are available in a wide range of stores like Rite Aid, Sally Beauty, Target, Walmart and online at Madame Madeline for $13.99. So you will have options if you would like to try them out for your selves. In my experience, as frustrated as any fake lashes can be, they're always worth it — so they're definitely worth a try or two (or three or four… or five) before you give up and that’s if you do give up which I’m sure you won’t.

Article Source:


Anyone who’s ever tried to glue a strip of (or worse, individual) lashes to their eyes knows it’s anything but simple. Best case scenario? You don’t glue the lashes to your fingers or your fingers to your eye. But you constantly run the risk of them shifting all over the place with each blink or falling off completely thanks to your wholehearted yet shoddy glue attempts. Not to mention, isn’t putting glue so close to your eyeball dangerous or something?

I always had it in my mind that I will always have stubby, sparse eyelashes. To my surprise I heard about these new magnetic false eyelashes and couldn't help myself from trying them out.

Have you heard of the new buzz? It's Magnetic lashes, and they are taking the industry by storm! These new magnetic lashes are ridiculously easy to apply. Also a big plus for these new falsies is that they don't damage your natural lashes. Magnetic lashes are mentioned in Allure Magazine as one of 2016’s “Best of Beauty Breakthrough” products. When world  famous Ardell brand came out with their own version after their best selling styles, we were super happy! If you had issues with the conventional glue on falsies like allergy etc then these falsies are for you.

I love false lashes! I have been in about every eyelash situation you can imagine; drugstore brands like Andrea “Curl 91 style and Ardell’s “Wispy" model were the gateway products that ignited my lash habit. These days, my habit now involves feeding my lashes daily with Ardell Lash and Brow Accelerator to promote growth and, when time permits, getting eyelash extensions for $120 a set.

Eyelash Extensions can last about three to four weeks with monthly refill appointment upkeeps which can be time consuming and costly. Preserving your lashes means being conscious never to rub your eyes, avoiding certain types of face cleansers and even the water in the shower hitting your face directly, since it can dislodge the delicately glued-on hairs. Don’t get me wrong; they look beautiful, but it’s a process.

If you’re a lash-aholic like me, then magnetic lashes are the clean and economical answer to get your lash fix on and poppin’. Magnetic lashes apparently appeared on the beauty scene about a year ago. To be honest, I thought it sounded too good to be true. First of all, what!? Magnetic eyelashes!? Second of all, if the magnets were too strong, wouldn’t they pull my real eyelashes off eventually? If they weren’t strong enough, wouldn’t they fall off?

I decided to some magnetic lashes for myself and put them to the test.

"Here’s how they work: Basically, it’s an eyelash sandwich!" 

The box I ordered included four strips of lashes with teeny, tiny magnets attached to the ends of the strips. When one strip is placed on the upper lash and the other placed underneath, they magnetically attract one another and clamp shut. Sounds simple, right?

Yes, in principle; but in practice, they are a bear to put on correctly. And you have to practice …

First, do your mascara, because you can’t put mascara on the magnetic lashes if you want them to last. Then put down a piece of paper towel to prevent losing the lashes if you drop one—handling the lashes reminded me of being a kid trying to hold a crawly insect.


Oddly, the lash strip is as straight as an arrow; I don’t know what that’s about, since last time I checked, we all have curved lids. So you need to take the lashes and bend them back and forth in a U shape to form the curve to fit them to your eye. Next step: Cut the lashes in half; the straightness of the strip only allows them to work on the outer corners of your lashes. But there’s a beauty hack that we’ll get to later …

The upper and lower magnets are usually two different colors to help the wearer differentiate them, unless you have some cheapies; then you’ll know you mixed up the lashes if they start to repel instead of attract when you try to apply them. Once you’re trimmed up and ready to go, then comes the delicate task of getting them mounted on your own lash line.

The upper lash goes on in a second; just line it up with the corner of your lashes and then look down as you lay it on top of them. Then comes the tricky part: Fit the lower lash in the identical position underneath the upper lash. Girl! It took me 20 tries!

When you close your eye to attach the lower lash, “May the force be with you” is all I can say. The magnets cause the bottom lash to move like a slinky and stand up like a caterpillar. For me, both lashes ended up stuck together over my own lash; without your own lashes to hold the magnetic ones in place, both lashes come off like two kids going down a slide.

Warning! Do not try to pull or peel off the magnetic lashes as you would a glue on strip lash. You will snatch your eyes bald! I figured that one out the hard way and lost more than a few hairs from both sets of my real and fake lashes because the magnetic lashes are sandwiching your real lashes. It’s best if you slide the lashes horizontally and gently toward the outer corners of your eyes to remove them.

And yes, I tried to use tweezers. However, the magnets stick the lashes to metal tweezers. Then I remembered my fab plastic eyelash tweezers from my drugstore lash kit and seized them to continue my attack. OK, major help on getting the lashes not to stick to one another, but I was still not mastering getting them flush against the lash line. They were kind of halfway on, halfway off, and like a weave weeks overdue for a tightening, they showed a visible track across the middle of my lashes. Not cute. Not cute at all.


But I wanted this: the promise of no glue and no waste—because you can reuse the magnetic lashes indefinitely instead of throwing them away after one or two uses. Plus, the thought of escaping the expense and maintenance of eyelash extensions kept me going.

Finally, I worked it out that I could look down, put on the upper lash over my natural lashes, then look all the way up to apply the bottom lash. The advantage of having really curly hair is that curly lashes make a cradle for the top lashes to hold them in place. Voilà! I got it.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

How do they feel? Light as a feather, but still as if you have a little something on your eyes. It’s the slight sensation of something touching the waterline of the upper lid, as though an eyelash is out of place, but not irritating or painful. Sort of like wearing contacts or strip lashes, the sensation goes away in a few moments.


The magnets wear as well as the glue-on fake lashes; I wouldn’t go swimming with them on. The magnet will hold but drenching your falsies in water is never a good idea and will make your false eyelashes limp and loose shape.  Magnetic lashes do just fine in strenuous workout. Just had to be careful not to push the lashes out of place when wiping the sweat off during workout with your hand or towel.

The drawback for magnetic lashes is that as of right now, they only come in sets that work on the outer corners of your own lashes, so you still have to wear mascara. It’s just not just a pop-’em-on-and-be-Insta-fab situation. But there are some hacks, if you’re looking to do a DIY full-strip lash and skip the mascara and the glue:

Buy a full-strip lash that you really like a lot, since you’ll be reusing them, and any magnetic set of lashes. You simply trim the strip lash and the magnetic lashes to fit your eyelids and then position the magnetic lashes on the outer corners of the strip lash in the same position as you would on your eyes.


Using lash glue—I like Kiss Lash Glue with Aloe—adhere the magnetic strip to the bottom. If the glue you’re using doesn’t come with a brush, use the tip of the handle of a small makeup brush to carefully spread the glue along the edge of the two lash strips. Taking extra care to make sure the magnetic lash is on the bottom, glue the two strips together. Instant upgrade!

Magnetic lashes do take a little time to master on their own.  When you get the application right, they look impressive and your sense of achievement is off the scale. But you need to be prepared for some frustration when they refuse to sit close to your lash line or one lash plops off before you can clip it magnetically to its partner.

Saying that, practice, practice and practice! You would WANT to master them because they're such a clever idea.

Available styles:


Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents #001
Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents #001

Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents #002
Ardell Magnetic Lash Accents #002


Ardell Magnetic Lash Double #110
Ardell Magnetic Lash Double #110

Ardell Magnetic Lash Double Demi Wispies
Ardell Magnetic Lash Double Demi Wispies


Ardell Magnetic Lash Double Wispies
Ardell Magnetic Lash Double Wispies


There are step by step tutorials on how to apply magnetic lashes.

1. Practice first! Don’t wait until the day you want to wear them to give them a try. Learn to master on how to apply these on a normal day.

2. Curl your natural lashes, then apply mascara. Let the mascara dry before applying the lashes. push the lashes out of place. Mascara helps the magnetic lashes blend into your own lashes. We found the effect looked best combined with smoky eye makeup, partly because it's a dramatic look, and partly because dark makeup disguises the lash and magnet strip.

3. Bend the lashes, making them more curved so they fit nicely onto your lashline.

4. To apply Ardell Magnetic Lashes, simply treat the two ultra-lightweight fiber strips like a sandwich — place the top lash first on your top lashes, then place the bottom lash (marked with a red dot) under your lashes.

5. Let the magnets do the work, and click together into place. BOOM! Easy false lashes in two seconds!

6. Remove them by gently and slowly shifting them apart, without pulling.

Bonus tips: For an easy and quick everyday look, apply one set of the “original” lashes on each eye. To up the drama, apply two sets of the “original” lashes on each eye, laying them out side by side. For the most dramatic impact, go for the “bold” lashes for the most voluminous eyelash look.

The best part is that I have found they don’t damage my natural lashes when applied correctly. It’s an easy way to create a dramatic lash line in just seconds. You can even skip mascara if you want, and forget about messy glue that takes ages to dry. This is saving me time, and also money – I used to spend a fortune in single-lash extensions — lliterally hundreds of dollars a month for several months in a row until I was fed up with the whole two-hours-long application process every 2-3 weeks. Then I tried to save money by doing lash extensions on myself at home, but I always ended up ripping out my eyelashes whenever I removed them.

Lately I’ve been trying to grow my lashes with a serum, which is fine, but as a beauty blogger and a YouTuber, I want a more luscious lash look instantly for photos and videos and these magnetic lashes gives me that look.


Check them out, and see what you’re attracted to!  You can purchase Ardell Magnetic Lashes at  It’s time for us all to upgrade our lash game!


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Game-Changing False Eyelashes Don’t Require Any Glue At All


I can dress up my eyes all I want with eyeshadow and liner (well technically I can’t, because I’m not good at that — but that’s a story for another day), but nothing really gives that oomph effect quite like false lashes do.

Here, I have the lashes on one eye and the difference is so striking I’m confident I don’t even need to point out which is which.

The best part is they were so incredibly easy to put on. Once you get the top lash where you want it, you simply line up the bottom lash and it clicks right into place.

One Two Lash Magnetic False Eyelashes Review And Photos


Check them out!  You can score them starting in January for $14 at your local beauty retailers like Target, Walmart, or online at


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Are Magnetic Lashes Worth It? We Tried Them and Here's What We Thought


Are They Worth It?

Although I'm pretty low-key when it comes to my everyday makeup routine, I almost never leave the house without applying mascara first. I'm lucky that my lashes are pretty lengthy on their own, but I like a little extra curl and volume (my fave mascara of the moment is Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara, $24). My blue eyes are my favorite feature, so I like to draw attention to them.

There are times when I do want to amp up the drama (like for all the weddings I have coming up in 2018) and I know that false lashes are the only way to get me there. Yet despite being a beauty editor, I'm basically clueless in this area. That's why I was so excited when I learned that magnetic falsies existed. They seem so easy! Could this be the solution to all my past fake lash fails? I put magnetic lashes to the test to find out.

Why I Decided to Try Magnetic Lashes I've never been able to master false lashes, no matter how many times I've tried. The strips are always too big, the lashes never seem to actually stick and the removal process is a total nightmare (seriously, I've rubbed my skin raw trying to get off false lashes — that had been applied by a makeup artist). Since I've had virtually no luck applying falsies on my own, I had basically given up on them and relied solely on mascara to pump up my lash game. While I know my way around a mascara wand pretty damn well, there are only so many coats you can apply before your lashes start looking clumpy. Hence the need for falsies.

After hearing a fellow beauty editor rave about how easy it was to apply magnetic lashes, I knew I had to take a pair for a whirl.  To be honest, I was a little intimidated but I still figured that this would be easier than the regular ol' falsies

Magnetic Lash Application

How They Work Traditional false lashes come with a strip that sits atop your upper lash line. Ardell Magnetic Lashes are different. These come with a magnetized strip that goes above your lash line as well as magnetized pieces that go under your lashes. The pieces on top and below connect, cushioning your lashes in between. There's no annoying glue and waiting for your falsies to dry. The strips are designed to fit any eye shape, so you don't have to worry about cutting them down to size. I tried the original style (in both full and half) but there are three others (enhanced lash, bold lash and extra bold lash). You have the option to apply them by hand or with a little applicator tool that comes with a set.

Giving Them A Try

My First Try.  As you're now well aware, I am not very handy with fake fringe and my first few attempts using magnetic lashes didn't end in success. I started with the full lash set, which I applied by hand. I set the full lash strip as close to my upper lash line over my right eye as I could, holding it in place with my left hand. With my right hand, I picked up the tiny bottom piece and placed it under my natural lashes so that it would connect with the magnet. I finished by picking up the second tiny bottom strip and connecting it to the magnet closer to the inner corner of my eye. It took me about 15 minutes of playing around to get one eye done.

Take Two I actually found applying the half set of magnetic lashes a lot easier, since I only had two pieces to work with, not three. I decided to try my hand with the applicator tool this round. I placed the lashes on the tool and gently pressed it into my lash line. I had to play around a few times to get the placement right, but it only took me about five minutes per eye. Not so bad!

The Final Look

The ResultsI really like how the half lashes looked. I wore them out to a holiday party and they stayed on throughout the night. They were so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing them! Plus, the lashes were really easy to remove. All I had to do was gently slide the two magnets away from each other. The fact that I didn't have to scrub my face with makeup remover to take them off was huge for m

Would I Use Magnetic Lashes Again?I would definitely wear magnetic lashes again. Although it took some practice to apply the magnetic lashes just right, I found the process easier than traditional falsies overall (no glue and no having to snip the lashes were major pros for me). Not to mention, removing them was way easier. What can I say, I might just be a fake lash convert after all.


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These Magnetic Lashes Are Super Pretty and a Total Time-Saver


I like to think of myself as well-versed in makeup techniques; I've mastered the cat eye (thanks, Kat Von D) I'm nifty with nail art (dotting tools all the way), and I've made smoky eyes my bitch (mostly). But when it comes to applying false lashes, I'm a total goner. And, based on the number of YouTube tutorials on the subject, I'm not the only one with the dexterity of a drunk sea otter. If you're like me, you probably flipped when Ardell launched their own magnetic lashes this month. No glue, no struggle, right?

First, I tried the full strip Magnetic Double Demi Wispies. They come with what looks like two sets of strip lashes but is really just one set (each eye requires a top and a bottom for the whole magnet thing to work). The goal, essentially, is to make a lash sandwich — where your natural lashes are the filling and the magnetic lashes are the bread, if you will.

As per the directions, I began by placing the top portion on my lash line (in the same way you'd apply a conventional lash). I immediately had trouble getting as close to the lash line as I knew I should (this is also a problem I have with conventional strip lashes). When I finally aligned the top portion as flush to my lash line as I could, I shimmied the bottom portion underneath my natural lashes and prayed it would make contact with the top lashes… to no avail. After fumbling for nearly five minutes I was able to create a passable lash look.

The only problem? The lashes were too long for my eye and I wanted to shorten them. One major downside of magnetic strip lashes is that you can't cut them to size, lest you disturb the strategically-placed magnets that hold the whole thing together. That said, if you've never had issues with lash strip length, you're probably fine with these. Personally, I wished I could've trimmed them down to size for a more realistic look. Nevertheless, I was extremely happy not to have glue all over my fingers and in my eyes by the end of the application.


Hoping for a more believable-looking result, I whipped out the Ardell Magnetic Accent Lashes in 002. These look like your typical Ardell half-sies, but of course, they're magnetized. Placing these babies right on top of my lash line was easy peasy, mostly because a half lash means less…stuff to deal with. Top portion in place, I positioned the bottom portion underneath my natural lashes, and it was honestly as if the heavens had aligned. I blinked in the mirror and the girl blinking back had long, luscious lashes!



I'll admit it: I was incredulous. These had been so easy to apply and they worked. Granted, my struggle with the full strip set may have given me some practice, but by golly, these accent lashes took less time than mascara and looked ten times as dramatic. In my book, that's a literal game-changer. I think it'll still take me a bit of practice to get 100 percent perfect results with these, but they paint an incredibly hopeful future for those of us who are lash-challenged.


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