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Life-Making Beauty Hacks for Flawless Falsies Everytime

Taking a makeup hideout for all your flaws? But are you really doing it the flawless way? We all are often jaw-dropped whenever we see someone wearing flawless falsies and wonder ‘how do they do it’? You don’t need to open your mouth 2.5 inches wide while applying falsies now. Try these life-making beauty hacks for flawless application of false lashes everytime.

Safer Mascara ApplicationSafer Mascara Application

False lashes are often pulled out when applying mascara. Bend the mascara wand to 90 degrees and apply while keeping it in line with the lashes. The lashes would stay in place even after 5 to 6 coatings.

Double Side Coating

To get that Instagram selfie thickness for your eyelashes, coat both the sides of the lashes. It will also balance the lash weight.

Get That Extra Plump

Natural thicker eyelashes are a blessing. But if you are not satisfied with the thickness of your lashes even after applying the falsies, then try this maestro’s trick. Let the false eyelashes dry out. Apply a coat of mascara carefully. Dust baby powder on wet mascara and leave it to dry. Apply the second coat. Baby powder will give you the most-needed extra plump on the lashes.

Keep Them Safe to Reuse

This trick is especially for lash aficionados. After removing the lashes, clean them gently by pulling out the extra glue and dabbing them with cotton ball soaked in alcohol. The lashes may easily lose their shape if you don’t keep them safely. Bullseye Refillable Compact is heaven’s gift for you. No matter if you have Bullseye lashes or any other false lashes; you can keep them safe in the compact. Visit www.instagram.com/Bullseye/ to know more about Bullseye Refillable Compact.

Bullseye Refillable Compact is also your ideal travel partner. Keep your lashes safe and take them to any part of the world with you in this tiny set.

Heat Up to Hotter You

We often wish to have super-curled eyelashes like those in celebrity photos on Instagram. Heating up your eyelash curler for 1 minute before curling the lashes will keep the lashes in shape for longer. Heated curlers are easily available at the beauty shops now. Madame Madeline heated curlers offer really lucrative rates for your beauty routine. In general, heated curlers are expensive than regular lash curlers.

Heat Up to Hotter You

Roll Them Up

Roll your eyelashes in circular shape around your makeup brush. The lashes will automatically take the shape of your eyelid line when applying. Bullseye Lashes take the shape of eyelid within no time.

Line it to Look More Natural

One of the biggest fashion tortures is screwed up falsies. Almost every fashionista bears the pain of pulled off or untidy-looking false eyelashes. Eyeliner is the savior here. After applying the eyelashes, wait till they dry completely. Now apply a thick coat of eyeliner just on the adhesive line of false eyelash and the eyelid. It will lock the eyelash on your eyelid and make your falsies look smoother and more natural.

Cut the Nut

Novice lash lovers often end up in irregular eyelash lining. Cut the false eyelashes into half before removing the sticky band. It will help you place it in the right place without looking messy or irregular and get ready for Instagram selfie within seconds.

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