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Katy Perry Self Adhesive Lashes by Eylure

Thanks to the Katy Perry Lashes from Eylure, false eye lash application is now a breeze! Katy Perry always has nice full lashes, so it’s no surprise that her collection offers a great range of styles, from a bit more natural to the super dramatic.Katy Parr’s new Self Adhesive Darling and Self Adhesive Pretty lashes  which are the two new styles that were released last month here in the U.S.

Katy Perry Self Adhesive at www.MadameMadeline.com
The “Darling” and “Pretty” lashes in the Eylure Katy Perry collection contains self-adhesive band for instant application, and can be re-applied for multiple wears. It was nice not to have to worry about lash glue as I always find that a bit tricky to deal with and it was also easy to re-adjust the lashes once on my lids.
Eylure Katy Perry Self Adhesive Pretty Lashes
These lashes aren’t super crazy but I loved the final effect once on. This is what I wish my eye lashes naturally looked like! However, I did find them slightly uncomfortable since I’m not used to having such long and curly lashes.  I did eventually get used to the feeling, but still probably wouldn’t wear these for an everyday look. Personally, I think they’re more suited for a night out where you only have to wear them for a few hours.
Self Adhesive Lashes Katy Perry

Eylure’s new Katy Perry Self Adhesive Lashes retail for only $6.99 (USD) and can be found at Madame Madeline, CVS, and Claire’s.

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  1. 34elk

    I bought a few pairs and overall they stayed on fairly well and were comfortable to use. I had one occasion where I had to remove and reapply the lashes because my inner lash line were a bit wet prior to application. My eyes have a tendency to water up a bit and my false lash application didn’t go on perfectly as it should have due to my eyes. That by no means was due to the product but me. I really like these lashes to give me some extra oomph!

  2. May

    I have short lashes and so I like wearing fake one’s when I go out. But I prefer the nearly natural look so I use “Pretty” by Katy Perry. Easy to apply. They look very realistic but long. I’ve gotten many compliments for them and I’d say the “Pretty” one’s are good for those who don’t like there make up to be to dramatic, fake and unrealistic.


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