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Katy Perry Launches Color Pop False Eyelashes

Katy Perry - Madame Madeline - color popKaty Perry Launches Color Pop False Eyelashes: 4 Ways To Get Her Bright-Eyed Look

Katy Perry may have traded in her “Rainbow Brite” hairstyles and outrageous outfits for a much more demure look, but she hasn’t let go of her inner wild child just yet. The former Mrs. Russell Brand is expanding her beauty empire with a new line of colored false eyelashes.

Nope, you aren’t having déjà vu—Katy Perry is releasing yet another set of false eyelashes. Her first Eylure collection, which debuted earlier this year, featured tons of dramatic options to bat your baby blues with, but this time around it’s ALL about the hue. Eylure’s latest collection with Ms. KP—called Color Pop—involves four sets of oh-so-fun falsies including “Make room for Ka-Boom!” (blue), “Oh Wow, Ka-Pow!” (purple), “It’s m’thing, Ka-Ching!” (green), and “‘Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam!” (all three colors). Must. Have. Them. All.

Perry’s debut collection with Eylure featured reusable fake eyelashes that ranged from a natural flutter to full and fabulous. Katy Perry Color Pop lashes are layered in eye-brightening hues like blue, purple and green with Pop Art-inspired names such as Ka-Boom, Ka-Pow and Ka-Ching. And there’s no need to worry about looking like a bad Roy Lichtenstein painting while wearing these colored lashes, according to celebrity makeup artist and Eylure expert Elle Leary.


Katy Parry Color Pop Ka Ching

She explains, “The color is quite subtle actually and they will just enhance your natural eye color and give your look that something special.”

Want to get a bright-eyed look like Katy Perry? Click through the slideshow below for Leary’s professional tips on which of the star’s new faux lashes works best for your eye color, plus the perfect blush and lipstick colors to pair them with.

Katy Parry Color Ka-Pow!

Katy Perry said in a press statement, “A Pop Art theme is my next natural progression from my cotton candy world. I’m excited to apply these pops of blue, purple and peacock green to my new lash range. These are not just a futuristic fashion favorite; each one can really help bring out the color of your eyes! They’re the new wave to bat your lashes.” Ooohh! We like that. Apparently, the purple set goes best with brown eyes and really makes them, dare we say, pop. But also, does this mean we can ditch eyeshadow all together?! ‘Cause we’d really like one less step in our makeup routine, Katy.”

Katy Perry COLOR POP false eyelashes madamemadeline.com

Katy Perry Color Pop False Eyelashes retail for $7.99 and are available to purchase at Madame Madeline. But tell us—are you daring enough to try colorful falsies? Let us know!

Katy Perry Ka-Boom! from Madame Madeline

Katy Perry Ka-Zaam! from Madame Madeline

http://www.madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/products.asp?cat=Katy+Perry+Lashes+by+EylureKaty Perry Color Pop Lashes

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  1. seenabby

    Wow, these are beautiful! I have already seen them in the stores but I was not really sure but maybe I will go buy a pair of Ka-Pow! Looking super full and pretty! ^_^

  2. Dazbarr

    I’ve never worn falsies before but thought I’d give’em a shot and picked up a set of exactly the one in the picture from my local beauty supply store. Tried to put them on this morning and completely failed. So I hopped on the internet to look for more details and consequently found your blog. I’m guessing it has to do with my application technique. Does the adhesive has to dry first before putting the strip on? How many layers of adhesive am I supposed to use?

  3. Funicorn

    Katy Perry Ka-Pow, the purple one, looks amazing. I never would have guessed they’d look so good but they really do! I saw her lashes once but didn’t look into it much but now I wanna try 🙂

  4. Dulce

    I really like the concept of these. I have black eyelashes and I have never found a colored mascara that works well with my natural lash color. These seem like they would be easier and work better! I haven’t bought any yet, but I’m planning to buy a few soon, hopefully on sale!

  5. momo1004

    I been wearing false eyelashes for more than a decade because i LOVE them, they enhance the way my eyes look especially when i apply make up on and i
    just love how beautiful they look and i really dont have very long eyelashes..when i dont wear any eyelashes i feel weird like something is missing and my eye make up doesnt look the same and i dont feel satisfyed without them. I have not tried the eylure false eyelashes yet but i will one of these days. I tried andrea and salon perfect ones so far.

  6. Eyegtdoll

    I have all of the katy perry lashes and my favorite one is Oh my! They are so gorgeous. People always tell me how gorgeous they are and they make your eyes big, lol


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