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Inside Lady Gaga’s Rockin Life: LASH OUT

People Magazine:  Celebs Uncensored,

Inside Lady Gaga’s Rockin’ Life

Tour bus parties and teacups! The singer gives us a peek inside her life in her Twitter pics.


There’s a downside to living out loud like Gaga! “It is a promising morning when your eyelash falls in your Folgers,” Tweeted the lash-less singer.

lashout - false eyelashes lady gaga madamemadeline

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  1. TenanBee

    I’m glad that didn’t happen with my lashes yet because it does not look too tasty :0

  2. GNI3434

    LOL this is great! The funny thing is that I have the same lashes in my lash hual. I have a bunch of lashes from ardell, red cherry, and mac. This particular pair of lashes by MAC style 7 LASH. Enjoy that cup of tea 🙂

  3. Fanny79

    I want to laugh, but this has seriously happened to me before! Can anyone recommend a glue that will keep my eyelashes from falling off??? Please help!!! 🙁


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