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I am a false eyelash fanatic

MAC 6 LashI am a false eyelash fanatic. Last week, I took a trip to Beverly Center here in sunny Los Angeles for a bit of shopping for my wedding event this past Wednesday. During the 3 hours eye busy stroll, I found MAC Cosmetics — the oasis for all you makeuphiles out there.

They offer limited-edition lines from the likes of Heatherette and Fafi alongside their wardrobe of pro-quality false eyelashes, duo adhesive, and eyeliners. It is your one-stop shop on the way to glam-town. My last wedding attendance was a bit of disappointment as the photos all look like I have no makeup on when I thought I put a lot on. The closed-up pictures are not too bad but the focus of my eyes and makeup tends to tend from just a few feet away.

To be honest, Wednesday was the second time I found myself at MAC. Why is that? Well, I quickly stepped out the first time after seeing the prices of their lashes. I love their 6 Lash that are natural length, dense, full, and slightly wispy looking.

For beauty sake, I picked up a few pairs of MAC lashes. I ended up with 10 pairs. I know, excessive and expansive but I am totally addicted these falsies lashes. They are fab however a bit on the pricey side for most people’s ‘splurging’ budget. I know the price of false eyelashes do vary from place to place, depending on the design, range, and quantity. But MAC lashes are all pricey and the glue is not included. MAC carries DUO adhesive which must be purchased separately.

I personally do not favor DUO adhesive. It does dry clear and has a slightly more pleasant smell than most other lash glue. However,the adhesive is not strong enough for my skin type. I now use DUO Eyelash Adhesive got it from online store and find it a heck better than DUO Adhesive. DUO Eyelash Adhesive is waterproof.

The MAC Cosmetics lady was very knowledgeable and was able to turn my face into one heck of a creation. She also taught me a few false eyelash tricks while she did my makeup nicely. I now know how to make my eyes look really smokey and noticeable from picture afar. I also learned how to put on the falsies quickly and correctly.

After the 10 pairs ran out, I searched the internet and was recommended Andrea Modlash #13 and #26 as alternate to MAC 6 Lash. Now Modlash #13 is my stable wear for all occasions. I get my online at the Madame Madeline website. Their shop sells a lot of false eyelashes products, beauty products, and different eyelash related products. They do give discounts if you buy 2 or more pairs.

I am totally in love with #13 lashes! I can see why so many ladies love the Andrea Brand. Though I love my #13 lashes, I still find myself buying MAC 6 Lash as a treat for myself from time to time.

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  1. Demi Crystal

    I realized I have the same bought the same Mac eyelashes as u did hehe. I live here in Asia and the Mac eyelashes are like $20.00!!!

  2. Eclectic-daisy

    i love lashes and my fave is MAC 2 Lash…

  3. Follypetite

    MAC lashes is HOT! They are just perfect! My boyfriend kept looking at my lashes, amazed, telling me they look like a godess! Well, they are exactly what I wanted!! I usually buy MAC lashes but I have moved on to Andrea as they seems to be a little stronger and last me a little longer!! Im a new Andrea fan!

  4. aliceaddict

    I found MAC a bit pricey. They are around $15 so a bit more than the drugstore false eyelashes. The cool thing is that you can wear them a few times before you toss them. I used to always wear MAC Lash 33 lashes but they are a bit too dramatic for my look. The #36 Lash are better for going out at night where #33 could be used for everyday wear.

  5. Eclectic-daisy

    MAC definitely make the most natural and glamourous) false lashes.
    They have a lot to choose from, as well. I only wear MAC 2 Lash strip falsies. I will, however, buy the false individual lashes of other brands. You can make your lashes as full as you want with those, and they are much easier to apply. I usually pay around $14 for my MAC 2 Lash, but they are so worth it!

  6. M-POSH

    Went out for dinner with some of my lovely girlfriends and decided to rock a smokey eye and try out some false lashes that I ordered a little while ago. I got my inspiration from a Mac Face chart, I’ve been using these a lot lately to encourage me to keep trying different things. I got some Gypsy 96 lashes that is a MAC 43 Lash look-a-like. They looked gorgeous on and were the perfect length for my eyes. I got the lashes from LushLashes.com

  7. zxsan77

    Make sure to try mac # 30. They suit me pretty naturally!

  8. MsGinaL

    Forget MAC, I got similar lashes from Walmart, tried them once and it works like a charm. I am going back to get another one –#3.45.

  9. Bracy


    Ardell false lashes and glue from the drugstore are as good as the ones sold by MAC. Like MAC, they are reusable. It takes practice, of course, but one way to make them look a bit more natural is to snip them in half and only place them on the outer corners of the eye.

  10. RBS MUA

    I love the volume and length fake eyelashes add to my own lashes. I am a make up artist, so i LOVE what it does for my clients, and I love crazy lashes. You can do endless looks and its soooo fun to be able to change your look, just by changing your lashes. I use MAC and Elise brands for my clients.

  11. Janae

    After spending a few days looking at the different styles of lash companies I discovered it is whatever feels right, whats in your budget and how convenient the purchases are. I am all about convenience. Buying the lashes online makes it really easy to purchase. I like going to Sephora but it’s so expensive to buy them there. There are really great deals out there. Just got to be savvy.

  12. Andrea Collins

    I order my lashes in boxes of 10 from ebay (out of Hong Kong). I’ve been wearing my *hong kong* lashes for over 2 years and I am in love!

  13. miniMimi

    I, too, am a lash addict. I LOVE false eyelashes. I budget funds for false eyelashes each month like I budget money to put gas in my car! You just have to do it! LOL! In an effort to save a few bucks each month, I tried out the Red Cherry lashes, which are SUPER CHEAP on the MadameMadeline site. I love the price and the lashes are pretty darn good, too. So, now I just order a mix of ardell, andrea and red cherry lashes. Once in a while, when I have a good coupon code or if the site is running the Buy 1, Get 1 Free promos then I’ll splurge like I did this week. I got the ready to wear eylure lashes, 1 bullseye compact w/cyndi lashes and 1 pair of mink lashes (real splurge!!!). My boyfriend bought them for me for Valentine’s day, but when the box arrived it felt more like Christmas!


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