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How to Select False Eyelashes that Appear Natural?

Although, everyone knows that makeup is an artificial way or a camouflage to glorify one’s beauty and add more subtlety to it. But still everyone tries to make it appear more natural and complimentary to their real looks.

False eyelashes too are one of those makeup accessories which add instant gorgeousness and vigor to your eyes, making you stand out in the crowd.

However, these fluttery falsies look more elegant and closer to natural, than appearing way too dramatic to overshadow your inner beauty. People usually end up selecting inappropriate fake eyelashes that instead of adding more depth to their eyes, makes them look overdone.

There are a few tips that can help you find the best of Ardell lashes, which not only accentuates your eyes, but are also natural looking.

Steps towards Natural Looking Falsies

Step 1: Shape of your eyes

In one of our previous posts, we already mentioned in detail how important it is to consider the shape of your eyes when selecting fake eyelashes for them. As for small and round eyes, Ardell lashes that come with long, sweeping ends can add a striking finish, without actually making them appear fake. But such falsies for long eyes might look too exaggerated.

So, determine the shape of your eyes first and then choose the right ardellista, accordingly.

Step 2: The exposure

Now, fake lashes are not just restricted to theatres or bridal photo shoots only, rather; people are making them a part of their everyday routine to look more attractive. However, one type of falsies is not suitable for all exposures. This means that as per your personality and your everyday work, the type of falsies also changes.

For example, if you are a CEO, who is usually the center of attention at formal meetings then wearing some mild, sophisticated, yet gorgeous looking strip lashes adds more delicacy to your bold personality.

Step 3: Don’t go for feathery strips

Usually, people don’t have very dense and feathery lashes, which is why wearing such flirty faux lashes can make you appear overboard, and will obviously not be anything close to natural.

Step 4: Application matters

The final finish of your false eyelashes also depends greatly on how you apply them to your eyes. Even though, the lashes do come with the application instructions, but still people fail to apply them properly.

You must be very careful while wearing them. Don’t apply to much of glue to the strips, making heavy and uncomfortable to deal with. Also, don’t forget to polish their soft bristles with lots of good quality mascara, to blend them with your real lashes.

Ardell Natural Eye Lashes #110

One of the best rated falsies in the Ardell lashes collection is Ardell Natural Eye Lashes #110. The reason for its popularity is its smooth texture, that despite being light and gentle, adds more sensuality to your eyes. These glamorizing, yet balancing lashes are made up of 100% sterilized human hair and are ideal for normal everyday wear.


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