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How to Personalize Your Wedding

Partly because of the hectic pace of modern life and partly because of the ceremony’s traditional nature, most weddings tend to follow a familiar route and end up looking pretty much the same. This is supposed to be the most special day for a couple, but instead, the spouses-to-be seem to be playing generic roles of a bride and groom that look similar to every other couple that just got hitched, with the same decorations and same invitations. To prevent the effect of “when you see one wedding, you’ve seen them all”, it’s important to add a personal touch to the event. From the choice of clothes and makeup to decorating the space, here’ how you can make your wedding reflect your personality.

Dress code

If you’re not so eager to follow the tradition, you don’t have to opt for a princess look on your wedding. Instead, you can choose a dress with a modern design in white, beige or soft pink. Also, an all-white gown can have an unexpected twist in form of some embellishment or accessory. Elevate your groom’s style by making a monogrammed bow tie, for example. The dress code will largely depend on the venue and the formality of the celebration, as well as on the theme of the wedding. For example, if you and your partner are Mad Man fans, you can plan a 1960s wedding where all the guests will have to dress accordingly.  


Think about your own style and preferences when deciding on your look for the wedding. If you want to bring focus to your eyes, use peach or soft pink eye shadows teamed up with luscious lashes. Alternatively, you can use feline flicks accompanied with voluminous fringy falsies and a deep red lipstick for a retro look inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The choices are endless.

Wedding invites

The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding stationery design. You can have wedding invites inspired by art deco, invitations with hand-drawn illustrations, a fairytale letterpress design, a watercolor invite if you’re planning a summer wedding or floral motifs if you are planning to say your “I dos” in springtime. The only thing that matters is that they reflect your preferences and taste.

Interior design

Think about what you see when you picture your wedding. Is it a glamorous celebration in some fancy venue or an intimate gathering in some beautiful garden that brings you close to nature? If you’re planning an indoor celebration, you can have a customized dance floor that matches the design of your invitations and has a special monogram that marks the place where you and your future husband will have your first dance. Alternatively, you can add a vintage feel to your wedding and display the wedding photos of your family members who got married before you or some of your childhood photos.

Food and drinks

To personalize your wedding, it’s important to invest in details. Consider having wooden cake toppers that display your names or anything else you want on them. You can also have custom made bottles of champagne with your names engraved in them or even have chocolate bars with custom messages on them at your table.

Two parties instead of one


Instead of one party after the wedding, why not have two since you already have on-point wedding make-up and head-turn falsies lashes on? Host an evening party with dinner and dancing and then continue the celebration in the morning with a light brunch. This will also serve as a perfect opportunity to personally thank each guest for coming.

It’s important to remember that each wedding is about the couple that’s tying the knot, so create your own, unique way to say “I do”.


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