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How to Get the Real Lashes Out of Falsies

Lashes, that don’t look natural, easily ruin your hour-long effort of applying natural makeup and contouring the edges. Your investment in mineral bronzers and natural makeup colors might just go to waste because of a wrong lash selection. Kiss lashes specialize in making your face more dramatic while keeping every inch natural and pure.

vluxe-kissfalselashes-madamemadelineFlirt With Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes

Madame Madeline’s lash range has a good variety of natural looking lashes. Kiss Looks So Natural lashes, with their tapered ends, specialize in flaunting the real thick lash grandeur. These lighter and softer lashes are made with revolutionary technology to make them look more feathery and dramatic.

Add Ultra Natural Glam with Kiss iEnvy

Having a European-inspired design, Kiss iEnvy gives your lashes extra density with ultra-deep edges. The lashes are produced with premium pure human hair under techniques of Tapered End technology to let you add extra natural glam and showbiz thickness to your lashes.

Get Kiss V-Luxe Stardom Till the Edges

This virgin Remy hair series comes with a reusable deluxe sliding lash case to let you take your fashion friend anywhere in the world. It has a long list of lashes offering variety in thickness and style.

  • iEnvy V-Luxe Chloe – Extra European thickness
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Dahlia – Dark brown, softer, extra volume
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Ella – Softer, super spikey
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Fancy – Extra softer, thicker and longer
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Grace – Extra thicker and softer, Short length
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Hannah – Normal unequal length, extra thickness
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Isis – Natural, Softer, Short-length, Thicker
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Jaenette – Medium-length, clustered, softer
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Asha – Regular length, thicker and softer
  • iEnvy V-Luxe Blair – Regular length, curled tendrils

To get discount Kiss lashes, visit Madame Madeline lashes online store. They have complete series of Kiss iEnvy and Kiss Looks More Natural.

Here are some expert tips to make your Kiss lashes look more natural.

  1. Don’t use extra glue to keep the lashes in place. A pea sized drop is enough to hold the lashes for long. Apply a thick layer of eyeliner on the baseline of the lash to add strength to the lash grip on eyelid.
  2. Press the Kiss lashes with a bobby pin or back side of tweezers. You may also use a toothpick to press them. This will increase adhesive potency of the lashes.
  3. The amazing Kiss iEnvy, Kiss V-Luxe, and Kiss Looks So Natural lashes can be held on the eyes with the help of hot and cold trick. When you apply the Kiss lashes on eyes, blow dry them for a few seconds. The glue will melt and provide extra stickiness. Now turn cool air of fan or air conditioner on and let the lashes dry for at least five minutes. Finally apply the eyeliner and mascara to keep them in shape and place.

For adding a touch of glamour to your overall look, Madame Madeline lashes are the perfect choice. Kiss Looks So Natural and Kiss iEnvy V-Luxe Ella is one of their bestsellers.

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