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How to Apply Half Lashes. On Someone and Yourself

How to: Apply Half Lashes. On Someone & Yourself !

By pinkjazzkw on May 11, 2011
Here how I apply half lashes to others, and myself… Lashes are from http://www.MadameMadeline.com

Video Excerpts:

Okay today I am going to show you how to apply these little peptite half sized false eyelashes and they come in.. These are from Ardell [Little Black Dress]. These are glitter ones and I put the glitter ones on her and I am going to show you how to put the half ones on, on her. Smile! … …

Ardell Little Black Dress Reunion - MadameMadeline.com False Eyelashes

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  1. 1nnosense

    That is soooo cute… both the lashes and the girl.

  2. *~my day~*

    I bought some falsies from CVS but I’m going back and forth on whether or not I should even TRY to put them on- LOL. The last time I had a friend do it they ended up coming off on the inner and outer corners- yuck. I watched your tutorial and now I feel a little more confident. I think half lashes is the way to go for me for the cute look. The half lashes should stay on my eyes as they appear to be lighter and more petite than regular falsies.

  3. LauraJean333

    I wear these all the time. They are more natural looking than regular false lashes. These really make your eyes pop. LOVE them!!

  4. Heather626

    Ahhhh, she’sadorable. Where can I buy these lashes locally?

  5. *~my day~*


    You should find falies anywhere, at your local drugstore (CVS, Shoppers Drug Mart etc), or any beauty salons. I have looked but they don’t have the Little Black Dress though. I got some here http://www.madamemadeline.com/online_shoppe/search.asp?pg=1&stext=Little+Black+Dress&stype=&scat=

  6. Kesha

    I used to be able to find these at CVS, but they don’t carry them anymore. These half lashes are a lot easier to apply than most other full strip lashes, but they really only look good if you already have decent lashes. If you’re lucky and you do have good lashes then the LBD’s work well for special occasions.
    ~Kesha the MUA


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