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How to apply Fake Eyelashes

Andrea Modlash from MadameMadeline.comHow to apply Fake Eyelashes

Below for expert tips on how to apply your new mod  false eyelashes from Andrea.

1. Apply make up as you usually would – foundation etc.

2. Apply a thin line of eyeliner, either pencil or liquid to your top lashes.

3. For a fuller effect coat your own lashes with two coats of mascara.

4. With a steady hand take your Andrea false eyelashes out of the container making sure they are as they should be.

5. Using a close mirror, take each eyelash set out by itself (making sure you have the right and the left eyelash set identified).

6. Make sure it fits, if too long then cut a little off the end.

7. With clean hands, apply a thin coating of eyelash glue supplied across the join.

8. Steadily match these to your natural eyelash line, move quickly if you need too. Hold in place for 10 seconds  or and release, they should hold.

9. Apply this to the other set.

10. Once the false eyelashes are applied if there are any gaps simply apply another layer of eyeliner over the top to make them look as natural as possible. If you need to add an extra coat of mascara. Finally enjoy your new lashes! Be sure to take the little tube of eyelash glue with you if possible in case they drop slightly!

To remove, gently pull them off, if they are in good condition they can be used again so simply keep them in a safe place away from water and humidity, somewhere dry.

For additional lash removal instructions, please visit How to Clean Your False Strip Eyelashes After Removal

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  1. liz

    Which eyelash glue do you recommend for maximum hold? I wear andrea modlashes and use the modlash glue and it’s pretty good but I was wondering is there a better one out there or is this the best one? Thanks!!!

  2. Jackie

    My eyes are short so I always have to trim the false eyelashes like it says in step 6. It becomes a bit of a pain after a while. But I found these Andrea modlash lashes actually work really well for people that have short eyes

  3. georgia

    I have really straight lashes so I skip step 3. If I apply mascara to my natural lashes it makes them fall down and go straight again. I just curl my lashes and put the fake lashes on top and use a lash comb to blend. Does anyone else wear their lashes like this? Or does everyone use mascara when using false eyelashes? I like the way mascara looks with false lashes… Does anyone know of a mascara I can use that won’t pull my lashes down?

  4. kerrikiki

    @liz: DUO Lash Adhesive. I use Clear, but I know a lot of lash wearers that use Dark. Holds pretty well.

  5. Eveningeyes

    I used DUO Lash adhesive as well. I still like this adhesive, but I’ve recently discovered Lashfix adhesive by eylure. It was recommended by someone in one of the posts on here. I tried it, I loved it and I will never leave home without it! It is extremely water-resistant, from my experience. I started looking for different adhesives because the DUO one I was using would absorb moisture and just start to peel off of my eye. I’ve had a few embarrassing “hanging lash” experiences… I’ve not had a bad experience with the Lashfix yet. Fingers crossed!!!

  6. Lashlvr


    I have straight eyelashes, too. I use the L’oreal Voluminous Naturale mascara. It provides the length and volume I want without dragging down my real, natural eyelashes. It’s not as thick as the super lash, falsies, false eyelash-type of mascaras they have out there, but it gets the job done without straightening out my lashes after I curl them and apply the falsies. I only apply one coat of mascara so it doesn’t weigh down my eyelashes. I can’t vouch for the mascara if you’re applying multiple coats of it.


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