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How to apply and Remove the Andrea Strip Lashes (#53)?

Whether a formal dinner or a night out with friends, girls always want to look beautiful enough to be the center of attention. They do focus on their outfit, shoes and luxurious hand bags, but sometimes miss out an alluring accessory- the fake Andrea lashes that can add more elegance to their appearance.

Andrea Modlash, sometimes called Andrea Strip Lash is a cosmetic brand, well known for its exclusive collection of fake eyelashes; ranging from classy naturalites-lashes to glittering and funky faux lashes. Made from 100% sterile human hair, these fluttery falsies are great for small, large and round eyes; giving them more depth and dimension.

One of the most popular Andrea lashes on the online Madame Madeline cosmetic store is the Andrea Modlash #53. Widely used and appreciated by the celebrities, makeup artists, fashionistas & models, this particular eyelash design is known for adding volume and vigor to eye lines, while preserving their natural beauty.

Not just glamorous and affordable, Andrea Modlash #53 is also quite easy to wear and remove. Following are the simple steps to put on these fake eyelashes with a striking finishing.

Step 1: Clean your eye, using an oil free makeup cleanser.

Step 2: Using a pair of tweezers, peel the Andrea Modlash #53 from the package and trim off its ends, as per your need.

Step 3: Apply glue to the wide band of the Andrea lashes and using a toothpick spread it out evenly.

Step 4: Now place the fake eyelash on the eye line, with the help of the tweezers and press it with a cotton ball; to secure it and to remove the excess of glue.

Step 5: Using a toothpick, set individual hair, to curl the outwards. Finally, apply mascara on them to blend them with your natural lashes.

Like many of the Andrea lashes, Andrea Modlash #53 is also reusable. But for that, you must remove them carefully, without damaging their flare. Below are steps to gently remove the fake eyelashes, once used.

Step 1: Mild steam is usually preferred as the easiest way to peel off the fake eyelashes from the eyes. For this, boil some water in a sauce pan and pour it into a bowl. Then drape a towel over your head, for your face to be exposed to the steam.

Step 2: Using makeup wipes, stroke the eyelids gently, for the ends of the fake eyelashes to come out.

Step 3: Grasp the eyelash’s corner and start pulling it slowly to take them off

You can keep the used eyelashes in a plastic bag, to use them again later on.

Andrea Modlash #53 is truly a must try to enhance the beauty of your battling eyes. If you are looking for a trusted online source to order Andrea lashes, then Madame Madeline cosmetic store is the answer to your search.

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