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How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Everyone loves long and thick eyelashes because it helps in accentuating our eyes. If you want to grow your eyelashes, then you have come to the right place, as this article will discuss ways in which you can grow your eyelashes naturally.

Castor Oil

Castor oil tops the list, as it really helps in growing your eyelashes. Not only does it help with the eyelashes, but it also helps with your hair and eyebrows too. The reason is that castor oil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, in addition to the vital nutrients that aids with hair growth. The simplest way to use castor oil is to wash your eyes and clean up the makeup residue. After doing this, take a swab of cotton and add castor oil to it and gently apply to the ends of the eyelashes. Make sure you cover the entire lash line and apply it few times a week.

Brush Eyelashes

Brush your eyelashes using an old and clean mascara wand. You might not know this, but brushing eye lashes can actually help them grow, as it improves the blood circulation. You should brush your lashes at least twice a day in order to see results.

Clean Your Eyelashes

Make sure you wash your eyes everyday and clean your eyelashes. If you apply makeup, then remove it every night with a good makeup remover. Other than this, clean your lower lash line with facial cleansing wipes so that there is no mascara or eye liner residue.

Massage Eyelids

Massaging your eyelids also improves blood circulation and can help your eyelashes to grow at a faster rate. You should massage your eyelids at least once a day, right before you go to bed. Just make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure while massaging.

Egg Whites and Castor Oil

Okay, this may seem a little messy, but you only have to mix two drops of the egg whites and castor oil and apply it on your eyes before going to bed. This concoction will not make your eyelashes longer but will also make them stronger.

Olive Oil

Olive oil will also help you with your eye lashes. Apply generously on your lashes with the help of a cotton swab before going to bed.

Vitamin E

Apply vitamin E lotion on your lashes with the help on an old mascara wand.  The vitamin will accelerate the growth of your eyelashes.

Use Vaseline

If you want to save money and try something quick, then take a little Vaseline and apply it on your lashes before you go to sleep. It will take time to see the results but it will make your eyelashes longer and stronger.

Green Tea

Green tea has so many benefits and one of them is that it will help you with eyelash growth. Dip a cotton ball in the tea and gently apply it on your eyelashes. You will see the change in your eyelashes within a few days.


You need to watch your diet to see if you are having healthy food or not. Make sure you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and drink milk to see a huge difference in your eyelash growth.

Focus on Protein

Protein is very important for our overall health. If you are not eating enough protein, then hair will not grow. Make sure you eat body-friendly proteins like chicken and meat.  Do not eat too much red meat as that does more harm than good. Eggs are also a great source of protein, so make sure you incorporate it in your diet.

Take Supplements

In order to promote hair and nail growth, you should take a good supplement, but make sure that you consult a doctor first.

Don’t Pull Your Eyelashes

A lot of women tend to pull their eyelashes while taking off the mascara. This is one mistake that you should be avoiding because it affects the growth of the lashes. In order to take off the mascara, use a makeup remover or a wet wipe.

Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

This is a quick DIY that you can try on the weekends. Lavender oil helps our body to get rid of the harmful free radicals and helps to increase the hair growth. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is antibacterial and works as a great nutrient. Take half a teaspoon of coconut oil and add 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil.  Mix these together and apply it on your lashes with a cotton ball.

Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening mascaras are a good temporary solution to make your lashes look bigger. There are so many great brands out there, so find out which one works for you.

Eyelash Serum

Eyelash serum is another way in which you can grow your eyelashes out.

Try Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment gel and the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator (Pack-3)

If you want to grow your eyelashes out quickly, then the best way to go about is to use the Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment gel and the Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator (Pack-3). You will notice a huge in difference within a few days, as many women swear by this.

JAPONESQUE Fast Lash/Thickening Fibers  

The JAPONESQUE Fast Lash/Thickening Fibers is a great way to add glamour to your eyes. The formula is easy to apply and will create a great false lash look in no time. If you want your eyes to look like Kim Kardarshian’s, then apply a little primer in the eyelashes and then apply the fibers while the primer is still wet. Wait for 30 seconds and then apply a second coat in order to see immediate results.

All these tips are great for you, as they will help your eyelashes grow and will make them thicker. Make sure you follow these tips at least once or twice a week in order to see results within a month. Good luck!

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