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August 11, 2011

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December 20, 2011

Fashionistas Staple: Eylure False Eyelashes

November 2, 2011
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Madame Madeline Eylure Lashes
From the reaction the Eylure lash stand got at the Elite Model Look Lakeside casting, it seems that us ladies just can’t get enough of Eylure’s false lashes! From Naturalites to the Girls Aloud range, lashes were flying off the stand so fast it seemed that every contestant, Elite model and staff member were sporting a pair by the end of the day.

eylure falsies

A pair of lashes from Europe’s no.1 false lash brand is clearly the quickest way to get yourself catwalk ready, so take a tip from our models and visit to stock up on this fashionistas beauty staple!

eylure naturaliltes fake lashes - madame madeline

Eylure Individual Madame Madeline LashesEylure Naturalites Double Lashes 202 madamemadeline

See more exciting new styles at

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  1. These are the best false eyelashes I’ve tried. The clear band is really helpful when applying. If you think false eyelashes aren’t for you because you can’t put them on try these ones. The glue it comes with works as good as (if not better than) Duo and you don’t have to buy it separately. The lashes are very natural looking. They are priced just right and easily reusable.

  2. I’m so excited to read this. I’ve always wanted to try false lashes but, didn’t know what brand to try. This is awesome.

  3. I love that brand. I usually cut them in half so they are only on the outer edges of my lids and use the dark adhesive so they look more natural on me. I only use them for pretty dressy events, but I live in Florida, so those are steamy and sweaty too and I’ve never lost a strip of lashes.

    all this being said, I naturally have thick dark eyelashes, so they may work completely different for fair people with less eyelashes to blend them with.

  4. Eylure is my fave brand of false eyelashes. They have the most glamourous styles of lashes. I wear the Eylure 116 lashes every single day. At night and on special occasions, I switch to the Eylure 140 lashes. Both styles are lovely and all lashes are conveniently packaged with a small vile of their LashFix adhesive. I live in London and have looked into some of the links posted on this site. I went to the and sites. Even after paying for shipping, it was much more economical to purchase the Eylure lashes from these American sites than to purchase them locally. Quite happy.

  5. I got the eylure lashes and love the glue too! Okay, so they’re a bit more expensive than some of the other drugstore lashes like Ardelll or Andrea. I really only tried these lashes because the site is having that buy 1, get 1 free promo. I had always wanted those crazy full lashes like Katy Perry, so I bought the Eylure 205’s and got the 202’s as my free pair. I ordered the Eylure glue as well. It’s called Lashfix. Btw, this glue works really, really well. I like it a lot. Anyway, the lashes I got were super thick and long. They were just what I wanted. They’re called double lashes, but they were light to wear. They didn’t feel heavy at all. Total I got six pairs of lashes, plus an extra one that the store told me is their ‘freebie’ pair of lashes that they regularly include with orders over $20. So, really seven pairs of lashes and the Lashfix glue, plus like $3 for shipping or something ridiculously cheap. So, all in all, I paid just under $25.50 or something for all that stuff. It was seriously like Christmas all over again.


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