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Falsies 101 – Tip of the Day!

J-Lo with LashesIf there is one feature that makes the face pop, it is enhancing the eyelashes. Sure mascara can do an okay job. But, if you can master the art of the false lash, you will need to apply very little else to get a gorgeous look. In fact, you can get in five simple steps. We promise!

Step 1: Measure Your Strip: We’ve heard that Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist Scott Barnes uses an entire strip on her eyes. But, if any part of the lash is poking your skin, our sources say that snipping off a few hairs is ideal. Otherwise you’ll end up with unsightly little dots of mascara on your lid.

Step 2: Mascara: If you’re going to apply mascara, do so before you apply the falsies.

Step 3: Loosen Up: Roll the fakes between your fingers to warm them up so that they bend more easily and “adjust to the shape of your eye,” Barnes recently told In Style magazine.

Step 4: Just Glue It: Beyonce’s makeup artist Mally Roncal warns, “Never apply glue directly from the tube – it will make a mess.” Spread glue along the base of your fakes with a toothpick instead.

Step 5: Apply: Hang onto those freshly glued falsies for about 15 – 20 seconds so that the glue becomes tacky. Next, pinch the lashes as close as you can to your natural lash line. Then fill in any gaps with liquid liner.

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