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FalseEyelashes.com Video Episode 1

FalseEyelashes.com Video Episode 1. Shot and Edited by PGStudioLA.

Video Excerpts: Jessica: My name is Jeka, and I am going to show you how to put on fake eyelashes.

Jessica: I’m gonna start with the night-time look. Maybe if you go to a club or a bar
with your friends…

Jessica: I like the #117. They’re not too thick and they’re not too thin. And you can
always add mascara on them.

Jessica: When you’re taking them off (pulls the lashes off of the plastic package),
you have to be careful when you pull them because there is a little bit of glue on the
lashes to keep them in place. If you pull them wrong, they might get bent and they
will not go on your eyes as easily.

Jessica: So you want to take the tweezers and start at the corner end and lift the
corners of the lashes. You want to take off the little bit of glue that is already on
there. Pick at it a little bit with your fingers.

Jessica: Then take your glue adhesive. I like this one, (points to DUO lash adhesive)
it’s clear. I also like to use a flat toothpick to put the glue on. Add a good amount to
the toothpick, then take your eyelash and apply to the edge you removed the glue
from when first removing from the packaging. Try to add glue right on top of the
band and not too close to the edges. It will stick to whichever side you apply it to.

Jessica: You want to put the longest part of the lash on the outer part of the eye and
the shorter part on the inner part of your eye. Then take one corner and place it as
close as you can to your natural eyelashes. The glue will be white for a short time
until it dries and then it will clear. You can always apply mascara and eyeliner on
top to hide the false eyelash band.

Jessica: In order to blend the false eyelashes and the natural lashes, mascara will
assist in doing so, as well as add thickness and fullness.

Jessica: I will add eyeliner to complete night look. It will also hide the false eyelash
band so it is not as obvious….

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  1. Boots

    im so excited i applied false eyelashes for the first time after watching this!! ive tried a million times but could never do it. it turns out that it is really all about removing the excess glue on the strip so that the new glue will adhere to the band entirely. this way the glue has full contact with the eyelid. i bought the kind you mentioned.

  2. MUAxpire

    Thank you soo much! I am awful at applying false lashes and this really helped!:)

  3. misspink1960s

    Yea same here. Thanx for making this video. I always have trouble pitting on my lashes. What about mascara, will take mess up the false lashes? I spent close to $3.00 on a pair so I really try to make these lasts.

  4. Isobabyy


    I found that if you do prefer to put mascara on afterwards you can wipe it off the lashes with a face wipe or cotton padw with a little eye makeup remover. Be gentle when cleaning while keeping the lashes in place to prevent breakage. With proper care, your falsies is good for 3 to 5 times.

  5. lashlicious

    Wearing false eyelashes was such a pain in the butt that I never wore them. The video demo was a big help. It gave me a little hope that with a little patience, I can make them work for me. It’s starting to pay off. Thanks so much for the helpful tips!!


    I’ve never used fake eyelashes because I fear they might come off at random time. I don’t really want anyone to know that I am wearing them. I like to know how long fake eyelashes stays on?

  7. topiclady77

    Really great video. I purchased the 110 Ardell, the ardell lashgrip and the ardell remover from CVS. I cant wait to try ’em! For someone that has never tried false eyelashes, it would be extremely helpful to see a video on how to remove them as well! I am assuming you take the remover and gently rub it to remove it? Thanks for taking the time to do this video.

  8. QueenPlacentia

    They can stay on 1-2 days, but will usually start falling off after you’ve slept in them the 2nd day. The single use kind like the Revlon Self Adhesive will only stay on until you pulled them off when removing make-up or fall off in your sleep. There are also ones that you can use multiple times if you take them off nightly and can re-apply them.

  9. shaebay311

    duo! the best glue 🙂

  10. TheKrispp

    they look so real!:) your amazing!

  11. stephanie1williams2

    your eye color is beautiful!!

  12. MissGorgeous79

    Thank you so much for showing how to apply fake lashes! I recently bought a pair but guess what, they’re still in my make up box waiting to be used. Until today I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. So thanks again! x

  13. Sonja4690

    you’re adorable.

  14. blahblah8765ful

    Great video! I just bought fake eyelashes for the first time and tried numerous times to put them on. I eventually gave up. Then I came across your video on here and tried again. I finally got it! Thanks alot!

  15. SwaggerSoSexy84


  16. Allishajack

    Thanx! This my first time trying on my own! WISH ME LUCK

  17. LMRII

    You are:
    1. Upbeat
    2. Realistic
    3. Helpful
    Thank you for this video :o)

  18. Emprez4

    thank you! i didnt know you had to wait until it was “tacky”! haha that’s why it wasnt workin for me before haha i just gave up until now! 🙂

  19. sassylola1

    Great tutorial:D I wished I could apply my eyeliner like you.

  20. courtneypaige0520

    your eyeshadow is very pretty 🙂

  21. applebottomslady

    BEST video I have seen on lashes!!!

  22. moonbaby2xxx

    i am so stoked now to get mine, thanks for showing me

  23. haaayheather

    You’re so cute!

  24. Ellieissooboredlike

    @Allishajack how did u do? i failed completely when tried… :o(

  25. VisionOfFreedom

    Great tutorial, thank you!!

  26. aryansinred

    You are adorable! I really like you because you are so humble and nice! 😀

  27. rockabillygal84

    Thank you so much! Video was mint!

  28. hugz4charity93

    thanks! i’ve never used false lashes before and this tutorial really helped me! x) thx again!!!

  29. MizzKellisaurus

    I just love your makeup what brand did u use? it would be awesome if u made a makeup tutorial on this!

  30. kittyWIDklawsXXX

    love how u say mascara :L

  31. MaryEmerson80

    I have to learn to do this! what a sexy saucy look for spring!

  32. MaryEmerson80

    I have to learn to do this! whata sexy saucy look for spring!

  33. sunsu

    your makeup is amazing.

  34. Pattemint

    Thank you your video was a lot of help!

  35. nsdobbins

    Super informative!! Thx for sharing it.

  36. marthiihh

    thank you! I’ve never applied false eyelashes before, and I really need to learn it! so thank you, once again

  37. madisong98

    Thanks! This really helped. And by the way, you are sooooo pretty! (:

  38. NeonQueen92

    Thanks so much you actually made it easy to follow and I love your eyeshadow!!


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