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False Lashes Love – Ardell’s New Corset, Curvy, Double Individual Lash, & Spiky Collection !

Beauty brand Ardell — a maker of faux eyelashes, brow cosmetics and accessories — is enhancing its collection of false lashes with a string of new launches slated for spring 2014.

The new lashes include:

Double Individual Lashes: Individual lashes are now twice as thick, featuring 20 strands per lash. They are available in three lengths — short, medium and long.

Color Impact Individual Lashes: Its Color Impact color-enhancing lashes are now available in individuals to add a pop of color. The color-enhancing shades are interspersed with black to create a natural look. The medium-length individual lashes are available in blue, plum or wine.

Ombré Lash Collection: Inspired by the popular hair and nail color trend, ombré lashes have a subtle gradation of color with a black base that fades into a pop of color at the tip.

Black Tie Lashes: Add a little magic to eyes with six lashes embellished and enhanced with black jewels, gunmetal shimmer and dark stones. Viewed from afar, the lashes appear long and thick. Up close, the surprise will be the shimmer and dark sparkle illuminating eyes.

Corset Lash Collection: Features sexy crisscross lash styles, similar to corset lacing. The lashes provide fullness, length and width to natural lashes.

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator

 Ardell Dual Lash Applicator – $6.59 – helps to easily apply false lashes with a curved end to securely grip and hold the lash for flawless application and an angled tip to use to gently press down to secure lashes.


Ardell Curvy! Lashes

 Ardell Curvy Collection – $5.95 – features lashes with a unique curve shape that is shorter near the inner eye and flared at the eye edge to add fullness and openness, providing a slight, but sexy cat eye look.


Ardell Spiky Lash Collection

Ardell Spiky Lash Collection – $5.95 – includes lashes with an exaggerated spiked and sultry look but with everyday wearability. Each lash has alternating lengths with laser fine tips to create a stand out lash look.

Ardell Corset Lash Collection

Ardell Corset Lash Collection – $6.29 – features unique crisscross lash styles similar to corset lacing to provide fullness, length and width to your natural lashes.

Ardell Double Volume Individual Lashes

Ardell Double Individuals – $6.55 – available in both short and medium lengths, these individual lashes are twice as thick as the original – 20 strands instead of 10!

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