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False Eyelashes Inspiration from the Celebrities

False Eyelashes Inspiration from the CelebritiesWhen it comes to false lashes, who else wears them better than celebs? Well, it is true that celebrities inspire us every day by introducing new styles and looks. If you are unable to create a drop-dead-gorgeous look with your Red Cherry Lashes, then it is time you take inspiration from the celebrities and copying their false lash style. Let’s take a look at some of the false lashes trends that celebrities pulled off on the red carpet.

Mix and Match Different Types of Lashes

In order to successfully achieve a natural and striking look using false lashes, you will need to play with different lashes. Celebrities like Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Kim Kardashian like to use long, thick, dramatic, and short lashes together to create an attractive look. Making use of different sized lashes makes your eyes look dramatic, especially if you have colored eyes. You can apply black liner on your eyes and you are ready to hit any event.

Add Multiple Layers of Madame Madeline Lashes

If you are looking to achieve a more dramatic and edgy look, then wear your Ardell Lashes just like Nicki Minaj. The hit singer often shows up to event wearing multiple lashes layered one over another. This is a great way to make your eyes look heavy. This technique also gives a feeling of thick lashes, which is something every girl wants. However, do not go overboard with the use of the lashes and layer no more than two Ardell lashes at a time.

Add a Pop of Color

Another great way to apply false lashes like the celebrities is to add a hint of eye-popping colors. Coco Rocha is among the celebrities who have made everyone fall in love with this style. The trick to perfect this technique is to apply colored mascara to your original lashes and apply black lashes just above your lash line. The striking color of the mascara will give you a distinct look that everyone will fall for. The colored mascara and the black Red Cherry Lashes will create a dynamic contrast, and enhance your entire look. However, when you are going for this edgy style, do not wear a very crazy outfit. The key to perfecting this look just like Coco Rocha is to go for a chic look by making use of dynamic lashes alone.

Create a Winged Look

Who said that the cat-eye look can only be achieved by a liner? Well, you can also apply long lashes to the outer edges of your eyes for a cat-eye look. In order to enhance the look, you can apply winged liner on your eyelid. You can also go for Ardell Lashes that are shorter from the inner edges and longer on the outside.

Go for a Bold Look

If you don’t want to apply too much makeup and still want the attention, then it is best to apply neon colored liner on our eyelids. To give more emphasis to the colored liner, you can apply a thin line of black liner under it. Now, apply short and natural looking Red Cherry lashes to complete the look.

These tips will help you get that inspiring falsies look that celebrities often flaunt on the red carpet.

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