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I got these false eyelashes sponsored by MadameMadeline.com, two of which I’m giving away. 🙂 But first, here’s a review about the product:

Now I’m gonna use Ardell InvisiBand Babies:


This is actually the one I liked the least by appearance. But reading the reviews on the website, it sounded rather pretty appealing so why not? These lashes use invisible adhesive tapes, which makes them easier to wear. But being a falsies virgin, I had a hard time putting the first one on. Heh.


I naturally have stick straight eyelashes (not that I’m proud of it), so I had to curl them and wear mascara to match the falsies.

More pictures with falsies on:


  • invisible adhesives so you need not a glue (but you might need one when reusing them)
  • looks natural
  • perfect length
  • reusable a couple of times
  • does wonders with Majolica Majorca Lash Expander


  • the adhesives are not so invisible that I have to cover them with liquid eyeliner
  • too short to cover my whole lash line. (Or maybe my eyes are too wide… idk)
  • too curled compared to my lashes

Final verdict: I’m really not into falsies as I’m on for a more natural look. I can only wear them at parties or something. But they do make your eyes pop. Falsies are perfect if you are going for a dolly look. *u*

And now, contest time! (You can copy-paste the blockquoted text below)

False Eyelashes Contest @ DANCEWITHJAY.COM.

Win one of these falsies: Ardell InvisiBands Demi Pixies or Ardell Wild Lash Fun, sponsored by MadameMadeline.com.


It’s easy, you just have to blog about this contest with a link to Dancewithjay.com and MadameMadeline.com, and write a comment with your entry’s link. The easiest way is to reblog this entry, but you still have to post the permalink via the comment form. Write your comments here.

This contest will be up for some weeks. Two lucky winners will be chosen through a random generator. Good luck!

DancewithJay.com exclusive: Save 10% off your orders on MadameMadeline.com! Code: KSHARE.

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  1. beautylove

    I followed the link and reblogged this entry. Hope I win :p

  2. hairgoram

    I have not tried Ardell demi pixies or wildlash but have tried ardell babies. These lashes are so natural I can wear them in the day or evening it doesn’t matter. They are not over the top and only friends who are really into make up like me can tell that Im wearing false eyelashes otherwise I just get comments on my great lashes! I don’t tend to wear any eye make up other than the false eyelashes topped with mascara. Only thing is I haven’t found them cheaper anywhere so I just buy them at Target but they are $4.39 each.

  3. nyebeautyqq

    I wear fake lashes every day. They’ve honestly changed my life and are now part of my signature look. I’ve seen them being sold for up to $3.45 at my local store. I love that there are so many different styles to choose from. After three years of fake lashes, one of my favorite things to do is to cut different strips apart and design my own personalized pair. Can’t live without them now. Love it.


    I’m dying to try falsies! I think I’ll try some Ardell lashes in June and I’m already worrying about how to apply them although I’ve watched many tutorials on youtube!

  5. terrie

    My lashes are completely desirable because they’re longer and fuller and encompass my entire eye. Thanks to Revitalash.

  6. akym

    for lash growth revitalash for me really works and i am so contented with the results done to my eyebrow and lashes…so nice effect.

  7. erika

    Nothing is better then getting things that make you feel pretty..try maximumlash!. Before I have very light and thin eyelashes. In about 4 – 6 weeks of applying maximumlash you will see a change!..hurry try it!

  8. Kara @ False Eyelash Glue

    I have also heard that maximum lash is a great False Eyelash Glue I will try it and report back! xxx

  9. JulieSparkles

    I have been trying both the clear and non-clear adhesives lately. I must admit that I like the clear. I feel safer knowing that if I goob the lashes all up with glue that it doesn’t make that much of a mess.

  10. eyelashes long

    I have been trying both the clear and non-clear adhesives lately. I must admit that I like the clear. I feel safer knowing that if I goob the lashes all up with glue that it doesn’t make that much of a mess.

  11. Hope

    How to clean goo off false lashes. Help!!


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