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Eylure Lashfix Strip Lash Adhesive

eylure-lashfix-adhesive for eylure lashes from madame madelineFalse eyelashes in my opinion can change your whole look. For a night out I dont think theres anything better than some bold, black false lashes and even for the daytime I often apply a thin pair – when I cant be bothered with mascara. However as good as false lashes look they can be a nightmare to apply so a good glue is a necessity for me as I want my lashes looking as natural as possible and to stay put all night long but it seems very few eyelash glues can live up to my expectations – even though I didnt think they were that much to ask! Anyway Ive tried quite a few eyelash glues in the past and none have managed to live up to this ‘Eylure Strip Lash Adhesive’ as in my opinion this is the best eyelash glue you can buy. It does everything I need from a false eyelash glue.
Useful Information:
Price: Around $4.50 to $6.00
Stockists: Superdrug, Madame Madeline,  Amazon. You often get this free with Eylure false lashes – thats how I first came accross this glue anyway.

Other Info: Promises to be a long lasting and fast drying adhesive – that is recommended for use with Eylure brand lashes but it can be used with any in my opinion. Promises to be safe and easy to use – even if its your first time applying falsies!

Now the tube this glue comes in is VERY tiny which most people will assume is a bad thing but I dont think so. The small size means this is easy to carry around should your lashes need a little touch up while your on the go and because you only use a very small amount each time even this tiny 6ml tube will last a really long time so small is better in this case. This glue comes in a 6ml transparent tube – not a squeezy one like Im used to but a proper little bottle with a seperate applicator on the inside – which makes application SO much easier Ive found. Now there isnt much information on the bottle but on the box you will find – ingredients, directions for use but sadly no shelf life – I like having a shelf life on eye products because my eye area is very sensitive so thats annoying for me personally. However you can tell when the glues gone out of date as it starts smelling like fish – that sounds strange but its actually true! At the top of the bottle is the small pull out applicator which is pulled out to reveal the wand and the glue – the lid is very secure Ive found so theres no worries when your carrying this around, it wont leak as long as you have put the top on properly after application.

Application like anything just takes practice – I doubt anyone would get it right first time but Ill try and outline it as well as I can –

1. Apply a very thin layer of the glue along the back of one of your eyelashes.
2. Then wait for at least 30 seconds until the glue goes slightly tacky.
3. Then apply the lash just over your normal lash and you should be good to go.
4. Obviously remember to secure the top of the glue properly and then blend your false and natural lashes with some liquid liner and mascara if you need to.

Thats the best way I can describe how I use this – everyone will be slightly different but once you get the hang of it, it really couldnt be simpler. The less glue you use is actually better here – too much will mean your lashes will slide about on your eyelid and they wont stay in place for as long and they will be harder to remove in the end so only use a small amount and you will get best results. Also using too much could mean your eyes will get glued shut which lets face it isnt the desired look!!

The glue itself is very thick (which is why less is more!!) and is quite in colour but Im happy to say when this dries it is totally clear so even if your applying lashes in a rush there wont be white blobs all over your lids. This makes your lashes stick in place very easily and once they are on they wont budge – thats why its better to practice a few times before settling on the look I think. Whenever Ive used this glue Ive never had a problem with my lashes falling off or loosening throughout the night – Ive even fell asleep in my lashes before, woken up and found them still in place so this glue will make sure your look stays put all night. Having said that though your lashes will still be easy to remove by just pulling them off – and NO it doesnt hurt or leave your skin looking red or sore so brilliant. I wouldnt swap this glue for any other because it does everything I need so it comes highly recommended from me.

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  1. elApa55

    I bought this eyelash glue to use with some cheap eyelashes I had bought previously. It worked stunningly, and stays in place! It’s also easy and painless to remove. The only tip: let the glue dry for a good 30 seconds before applying -it makes it much easier. I would definitely buy this again.

  2. Wowgirl07

    I use this adhesive daily. Compared to all other glues that I have tried this is by far the best. One tube lasts me a couple months used daily! I don’t find it to dry white or goopy as some people have mentioned. The smell is quite nice. I have used this same product for over two years and prefer it over the more expensive competitors. Would repurchase!

  3. Visalia619

    The adhesive sticks well, dries clear and is similar to the white Duo adhesive I usual use. My top three false eyelash adhesives are duo eyelash adhesive, duo brush on adhesive, and eylure lashfix. Out of the three duo brush on adhesive dries the fastest as it does not contain latax so one must be very quick with applying the lash strip and there is not much time for any adjustments. Duo and Lashfix takes a little longer to dry so there is more time to apply and make minor adjustment to the lash band position if necessary.


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