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Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

makeup tips for false eyelashes

Are you the kind of person who is hesitant to apply makeup? Does the whole idea about makeup makes you feel overwhelming? Then it is time to give it a try! To start with, go for an eye makeup and do something more than just striking a line of kohl in your eyes.

If you are worried about making mistakes then let me tell you that the tips I have shared here will turn you into a star.

Eye makeup is all about three things :-

 Applying eyeliner

 Applying mascara

 Applying eyeshadow

So based on it, you will find tips to master all the three of them.

Applying eyeliner

The first thing is to get the eyeliner done properly. For this follow these steps

1. Clear of your eyelids of any oil so that you can apply the eyeliner without causing any smudge.

2. Looking straight into the mirror apply the eyeliner to the corners of the eyes to make the right wing.

3. Make sure you apply the eyeliner very close to the eyelashes to make it feel natural. To get a smoky feel, you can smudge it using the fingers.

Applying mascara

One of the important elements of eye makeup is applying mascara. Moreover, you have to do it properly so that it gives you a natural look.

1) If you want to apply any false eyelashes, do it before applying the mascara.

2) Mascara should be applied first from the roots and then move towards the tips. This will make the lashes look beautiful and light while you will feel the volume in the lashes. Moreover, this will help to blend the false eyelashes with that of yours.

3) Try to swirl the wand rather than pumping it to make your mascara last long. Moreover, it will keep the mascara wet.

4) When using a curler after applying the mascara, make sure the mascara has dried out completely and is in the semi-wet condition.

5) To save your lower lids from smudging, you can place a tissue paper under the lashes before applying mascara.

Applying eyeshadow

1. You need a flat and a fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow seamlessly. Make the right investment as they are going to last long for years. The flat brush helps you apply eyeshadow while, the fluffy one helps you to blend it properly.

2. Moreover, by applying a white pencil on your eyelids, you will be able to get a better colour of your eye shadows.

3. In case you want to create a smoky effect, you can make use of creamy pencils as the base. Depending on the colour you want, choose your pencil.

Some more tips…

1) If you want to instantly curl the eyelashes, you can simply blow it using a blow-dryer. Make sure it is not too hot or fast when you have false eyelashes fixed.

2) While applying eyeshadow, start with an eye primer. You should make sure to apply it completely on the area around the eyes.

3) You can easily get rid of excess eyeshadow by using a bloating paper without causing any harm to the eyeliner.

4) To make the eyes look brighter, make sure you apply lighter shades of eyeshadow towards the inner corners of the eyes.

5) Make your brows distinctive by filling them up properly. Moreover, using the foundation or concealer at the outer tip will help your brows have a better shape.

6) When applying eye makeup that is loud, ensure that you use nude or lighter shades for your lips and vice versa. This will make you look right and highlight the right feature.

Removing eye make

The first stage is about applying eye makeup and looking right for an event or function. But then, removing the makeup at the end of the day is important too.

For this, you need to follow certain tips. They are:

1) Remember remove the makeup first and then wash the face.

2) Use a cotton dipped in remover to clear off the makeup.

3) Start with an eye first and once you are done with it move on to the another one.

4) Work on the upper eye lid and start removing the makeup without exerting much pressure. You can change the cotton and use a fresh one to completely remove the makeup from the eye lids.

5) To clear the makeup from the innermost corners of the eyes you can make use of the ear buds dipped in remover. Prevent the remover from getting into your eyes as it can cause burning.

6) Once everything is cleared, clean your face using a cleanser.

7) Now apply a toner to close the pores and some moisturizer to soften the skin.

8) Now apply an eye cream and you are done.
So this is all about getting started with eye make from the base. Keep on doing it and improve yourself. You will learn new techniques for better eye makeup once you get comfortable doing it.

Author Bio : Krima Flint Working as an Ads manager at Dealslands UK. She is type of beauty geek and really likes to share some secret tips on makeup tips.[page_popup id=”2″]

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