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Cleopatra Inspired Makeup Look and Tutorial

Cleopatra Inspired Makeup Look and Tutorial.Shot and Edited by Youtube MUA Venusocean.Video Excerpts:

Hi everyone, so today I am doing a Cleopatra look and first thing to start up is Urban Decay Eyelash Potion. So I am just taking that applying that to my upper and lower portion of my eyes. And I am going to blend them in real good. So next I am using Black Bean by NYX…

Ardell Fright Night Cleopatra Lash Kit - MadameMadeline
And now I am going to apply some lashes. It looks like this, they are like Cleopatra lashes by Ardell. And just give me a minute to put them on. Be right back. I found it did not give me enough depth so I had to use two pairs of lashes. This is the second pair…

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  1. MakeupProductions101

    1st comment
    this is amazingggg

  2. cdiorme

    pretty <3

  3. venusocean

    @MakeupProductions101 Aw Thank you <3

  4. conniekeane1969

    Nice work! Love to see the longer tutorials like this.

  5. skarletyeah

    Your so adorable!!! I love the look!!!

  6. b1ackheart27

    short-straight to the point- easy to follow- what more can i ask!?!? LOVE it!

  7. MissYessie11

    oh i love this..very cool

  8. lushevans

    It’s so pretty! I love this.

  9. Takotaly

    your nail polish really pretty!! what is it?? and the lashes are be-a-u-tiful!!!as the whole look as well!

  10. venusocean

    @cdiorme Thank you lovely!

  11. venusocean

    @conniekeane1969 Thank you so much!
    Thats great info to know, Thanks for the feed back =)
    Hope you are having the best of days!

  12. venusocean

    @skarletyeah Your so sweet, thank you so much!
    Hope you are having a great day =)

  13. venusocean

    @b1ackheart27 Thank you so much!
    O ya! never got a chance to thank you! for sending me that beautiful thank you card <3

  14. venusocean

    @manchita23 Thank you and, Yes i did i got it for Christmas, I really does make a difference lol!

  15. KirstyTutorials

    LOVE IT!!!! i subscribed

  16. fancyladydiane1

    You are a Beautiful Cleopatra,sooo Pretty!!

  17. 0Diva0

    This is a very pleasant and easy to follow tutorial. I love to see more detailed tutorials like this. Nicely done.

  18. NailsParty1992

    How do u keep the eyeshadow on the bottom lash line´╗┐from seeping off ur face? I have a problem with it melting off. Pretty look!!!

  19. Lawana

    Love the theme of your site, is this a daily theme? bookmarked your site enjoyed reading this post


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