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Cat Eyed Vs. Doe Eyed- What Else Do Andrea Lashes Do For You?

Andrea Strip LashesFor most makeup artists lashes make up the masterpiece that we call beauty. They accent a look, with or without makeup and make the eyes the centre of attention. Like a beautiful picture frame.

You can see them on the red carpet too.  They are there to boost or accent natural eyelashes to make them more attractive and to compliment eye makeup. But that does not mean that this artsy accessory is not gaining any popularity outside of the celebrity zone of Hollywood. It has become a routine go to option for many people for a day or evening out.

There is no wrong or right pair of lashes. When you are choosing one start by considering at what occasion you will use them for and what kind of an impact you need to make.

For instance individual lashes are great for women who want to build a fringe on a specific area on the lashes. They work wonders for making the edges longer and emphasizing the centre area.

The most convenient lashes to apply are half lashes as they are short enough to line up with your real lashes perfectly. Plus they are perfect when you want to create a cat eye look.  On the other hand full lashes are great to emphasize and open up the eyes. They not only add volume but look the most dramatic too.

False lashes are more than just an accessory; to make sure that your eyelash extensions are the perfect match you need to know what each type is beneficial for.

If you have never used a false eye lash before and would like to know about all your choices before you go shopping, it is important that you know what specifically suits your needs and why false lashes like the Andrea Flirty Lashes can be more than a fashion formality. You can always check out Madamemadeline.com for the best brands of lashes like Andrea Strip Lashes.

Fake eyelashes can change your entire appearance for the better. You may think that they are false extensions and will look fake when you try them on but since false eyelashes come in several lengths and colors you will not have trouble choosing ones that can enhance your own.

More importantly unlike most fashion accessories that promise to make you a beauty queen but come with their own either painful or inconvenient tag, lashes are extremely convenient. They can last from several weeks to several months depending on the brand you get and will never go out of fashion.

In addition to that false lashes are very diverse, you can literally wear them for any occasion or any time you want. You want to go for the casual look? Stick on those lashes. You have a date? Go for the lashes. The best part is that you can accent them by dabbing on your favorite mascara or a clear one for a less serious occasion.

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