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Bringing the 80s back to life: Fashion Trends for SS17

The 80s are known for being a time of disco dancing, tight sportswear, questionable hairstyles and bright colours. This year all the best parts of the era are making a comeback! So expect your fashion choices and makeup bags to be spruced up with a bold and wacky 80s vibe. Sportswear is making a comeback in a massive way this year, so expect to see vintage sports jackets, bright coloured leggings and baggy tees fit for a workout. Embrace your inner aerobics warrior this SS17.

Baggy clothing:

Baggy pants, T-Shirts and jackets were all the range in the 80s and this year live with the motto “the baggier the better”. Ladies, if you like to steal your boyfriends’ clothes, then now you have a great reason to! Throw out your tight T-Shirts and replace them with the 80s baggy tee and bicycle shorts look. Brands like Antony Morato and Blvck Clothing are going to be some of the most sought after choices because of their bold and baggy aesthetic.

The 80s were all about colourful patterned leggings and baggy trousers. 2017 style has given a modern twist on the fashion trend with bold streetwear leggings. BOY London and Adidas are giving us life with their fierce and stylish legging designs that are pushing 80s style over the edge. BOY London are famous for their underground edgy style and this seasons leggings are not going to disappoint! These leggings are covered in their distinguished eagle logo that everybody loves and sport vibrant and metallic colours that

Sporty Streetwear Style:

The athletic look is going to be huge this year. After Fashion Week showed us the “easy elegance” style no longer do we have to suffer in the name of style, so expect to see people burning their tight clothing in the streets! 80s fashion was all about brightly coloured lycra and classic branded sports jackets and tees, so remember to take away all of the best style tips and go for the cool vintage 80s sports vibe in 2017.

Vintage streetwear jackets will always have a place in our hearts, they are the perfect way to spruce up your wardrobe and give that real “blast from the past” feel. Expect to see a lot of people sporting the “pre-loved” sports jacket look, paired with classic Reeboks and Adidas Originals. The kind of look that wouldn’t be out of place in a cool inner city vintage shop.

Big hair:

80s hair has been unrivalled in the passing years, the perms, the hairspray, the ponytails had enough volume to blow the speakers. In 2017 big hair is making a comeback, so dig out your curling wands and your hairspray and go crazy. One of the biggest hair trends that is going to be big in 2017 is hair zig zagging. What is this? You ask. Hair zig zagging is 2017s version of crimping and perming your hair, it involves an extremely unusual but completely genius hot tool that will take your crimps to next-level fierceness. The wavy shape gives you huge crimps that’re going to blow 80s hairstyles out of the water.

If you’re ready for a comeback of the curl, then you will be over the moon with the hair trends coming to our heads in a season near you! Think big and bold and then add more volume to that. Curls are overtaking the poker straight hair styles this SS17, so whether your hair is naturally curly or flat as a pancake, either embrace your natural assets or fake it until you make it.

Disco makeup:

This year we are throwing out the sweet and romantic pinks for a bold 80s look. The runways at Fashion Week were filled with models sporting “disco eyes”. They are as fabulous as they sound and involve rainbow colours, glitter and of course huge show-stopping false eyelashes. This year our makeup bags should be filled with oranges, blues,greens and lots of bold lipsticks to give yourself the real 80s finish!

Steering away from the nude and natural colours of 2016, this year makeup is going to be deep and eye popping. Fashion Week gave us a peek into the makeup trends of Spring and Summer and we love what we have seen. The runway models were seen wearing dark and gothic lipsticks, so get ready to welcome metallic, dark and deep shades into your makeup bag this year and be the envy of all of your friends.

If you’re a big fan of glitter, then you are going to love what this year has to offer, across the runway there were hundreds of models sporting the sparkles on their lips, eyes, cheeks, hair and even on their ears. Let the pots of glitter into your makeup bag and into your hearts for a real 80s disco vibe that’s is so in-season for SS17.

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