wedding day dress and lashes
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Brides to be. Stand out on your D day with these tips.


Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life. You commit to love and cherish your partner for the rest of your life in a ceremony that will be attended by members of your family and friends. You will commit your time and resources to ensure that the event is a success. Late nights and meeting with planners and suppliers will become the norm. Other than proper planning for the event, you need to make time for your own preparation and beauty regime. As the bride, you’d want to be the star of the show and below you will find tips that will help you stand out of your D day.

  1. A facial is a must.

wedding day dress and lashes

With all the planning and wedding preparations in full gear, you will be out and about trying to make sure that everything is perfect. This will expose you to excessive sunlight, dust and other harmful agents in the air such as smoke, and it’s your face that takes the biggest beating. A good facial is, therefore, very important in the build up to your wedding. A facial will clear all the dirt and grime in your face to give you a refreshed look and restore it to its former vibrant state. You can have your facial at home but since you are preparing for your wedding and want the best results, it’s advisable to get your facial done by a professional. Schedule the facial a week or so before your wedding day so as to stay ahead of any skin reactions.

  1. Waterproof makeup.

Weddings are highly emotional events and you need to prepare yourself for those teary moments with waterproof makeup. The mascara you wear on your wedding day should be waterproof so as not be washed off when you tear up as your husband-to-be recites his love pledge to you.

  1. Get fake long fake lashes.

Fake lashes may not be your thing but for your wedding, you should consider getting them. Fake lashes emphasize your eyes and, therefore, bring all the attention to your well made-up face. You will need glue to stick the lashes to your eyes. Make sure that you get waterproof glue so as to avoid them falling off when you get all teary. It is quite embarrassing walking with fake lashes on one eye with the lashes on the other eye having fallen off due to crying.

  1. Get your brows done professionally.


Your brows are another highlight on your face and getting them done professionally will further enhance your facial features and beauty. Let the attendant shape them in a manner that enhances your looks and gives you the best expression. There are several options for shaping brows such as such waxing and threading, but the best way to get your brows done is by threading. Threading is much more effective in removing unwanted hairs on the brow and is much safe as well.

  1. Try out your makeup in advance.

Try out the makeup that you will wear on your wedding day in advance. This will help you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. The trial makeup session will also help you to fine tune your makeup for the best possible look on your wedding day. Most brides overlook the makeup trial and this results in panic situations when they are having their makeup done on the wedding day and realize that various makeup items don’t work well with them. The best makeup that you can opt for your wedding are those that are mineral-based such as minerals foundation since they have a long staying power and, therefore, you will require very little touch ups. Work with the same makeup artist that you intend to use on your wedding day. Once the trial session is complete, get a photographer to take your photos with the makeup to see what you look like on photos.

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Every bride would love their wedding pictures to come out great and one way of achieving that is with proper makeup application. The right makeup and a pair of stunning falsies lashes will enhance your beauty and make your wedding pictures even more special.


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