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Breaking news for lash junkies!

Bullseye Just a Girl Lash Collection Breaking news for lash junkies!  The first refillable lash compact ever created has just been released. At the turn of 2012, Bullseye unveiled the ‘Just a Girl…’ collection of lash compacts, along with the lash refill collection, consisting of eighteen styles of strip lashes. The styles range from natural to glamorous and have girly names inspired by female music icons.

Closed, the compacts resemble a Mod-like bull’s eye target. Open the compact to a pair of false eyelashes and a mirror. These edgy little compacts are fun to look at, plus convenient for tossing in a trendy handbag.

The compacts and lash trays are designed to sanitarily store lashes. We really can’t think of a better travel companion for false eyelash lovers than this nifty little compact!

Bullseye False Lash Compact

Madame Madeline has exclusive dibs on the online release for Bullseye’s ‘Just a Girl…’ collection, so if you want to get your hands on one of these adorably stylish lash compacts, grab one at www.madamemadeline.com

Bullseye lashes Refills

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  1. trudy

    I’m excited to find these Bullseye Lash products because I travel quite a lot and wear lashes daily. This seems like an AWESOME product that I would love to share with my friends. I love the KATY style because I use the Ardell Half Lashes all the time and these seem like a comparable style. I can’t wait to try them all!

  2. miamimi

    I bought one of these compacts at http://www.madamemadeline.com I got the Taylor lashes, which are awesome! I wear mostly Ardell 110 lashes and this style is really similar, except the Taylor lashes seem a little more full. The compact is super cute. It really looks like a bullseye and I like that. The lashes seem to be high quality. I didn’t get any weird, misplaced lash hairs or excess glue on the lash band or anything. I’m for sure going to order some Taylor refills now that I know I like this style. The compact itself is made well. The plastic is sturdy. I like that it has a mirror inside the compact so I can check to see if my eyelashes are okay when I’m out. I’ve had too many of those falling eyelashes moments out in public to not be more cautious. Embarrassing… Anyhow, I love this product. I take it with me everywhere now. I will be trying some new styles in the next week when I place another order 🙂


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