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longFalsiesArticle Written By: G.C. Valdovinos (C) 2010


Sometimes bigger can be better, but this is not always the case, especially
when it comes to picking out false lashes. If you decide to fake it, like so many
other celebs and women are doing today, then choose lashes to compliment
rather than hinder your look. Two key factors should be considered during lash

1. The size of your eyes. Super long lashes only make small eyes look
smaller. If your eyes tend to resemble those of Renee Zellweger, Catherine
Zeta Jones or Zhang ZiYi, then opt for more modest lengths. Shorter, more
natural looking lashes serve as eye openers versus longer lengths, which can make already small eyes look heavy.

Recommended lashes:

Ardell Fashion Lashes #110 or 109
Shu Uemura Luxe Black (voluminous criss-cross)
Makeup Forever 106 Jeanne, 108 Allison, 21 Florianne, 27 Laura, 151 Sara

For larger doe-shaped eyes, think Katy Perry and Zoe Dechanel, fuller,
medium-to-long length lashes can serve as flattering, fluttery shades.

Recommended styles:
Makeup Forever 148 Elaine, 14 Kim, 109 Janet, 156 Genevieve
MAC 21 Lash, 35 Lash, 36 Lash
Ardell Fashion Lashes 105, 107, 120 Demi

shu umera eyelashesardell lashes 109Make Up Forever  Lashes

2. Day or night? Lashes, like clothes, need to be occasion-appropriate.
No self-respecting, rational woman would put on a cocktail dress to
bake at the beach, so the same logic should be used when picking
out proper lashes for each occasion. Less dramatic lashes should
be worn for the daytime and casual activities. More intense, dramatic
lashes are appropriate for after-dark parties and clubs, not to mention
an “absolute must” for those lucky enough to attend red carpet events.

Stick to these two rules-of-thumb and continue to wow the crowd with your lash
batting average!

Article Written By: G.C. Valdovinos (C) 2010

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  1. Gina

    Hi there, I really like your article. I like to add “half” false lashes to your list of recommended lashes. Basically they are half the length of normal false lashes and you just apply them to the corners of your eyes to make your lashes look fuller, but not obvious.

  2. Sweet Walker

    So I’ve small eyes and am trying to find a pair of false eyelashes that isn’t criss-crossed or overly long. I just want some that will make my eyelashes a tad bit fuller and longer.

    Any suggestions?

  3. jodib

    I’m still undecided about between false lashes and mascara but I will definitely try buying a few pairs! Makeup Forever’s 156 Genevieve looks fantastic – my lashes are sooo small, I’m looking for anything to give it a bit of oomph!!

  4. Elsa

    I’m in two minds lashes in general. They seem like a great idea but may be a little unwearable for everyday use. Would be great for going out though, a little extra sparkle is always a good thing. I would only wear them for extra special occasions as my Estee Lauder mascara does the trick for my normal day wear.

  5. michelle my belle

    I have kind of small eyes so I try to stick with shorter lashes like the Ardell 110, 109, and sometimes even 108. But the bigger lashes are so tempting. They’re pretty and look good on so many other girls that I buy them once in a while and try to wear them. It’s true though…I saw a pic of myself with the bigger lashes and they just don’t look as good on me as the shorter ones. Ehh…it’s ok. Because the lashes I wear are short, they look so natural that I can wear them every single day to work, school and out at night 🙂


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