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Best Way to Apply Ardell False Eyelashes

Ardell False EyelashesThe days from the sensational era of Hollywood, where the divas fluttered their eyelashes to capture our hearts is back! In those days, the eye makeup used to be intense with bold eye shadows, winged eyeliner, double coats of mascara, and of course, the pretty eyelashes that could completely transform one’s look.

Use Ardell Lashes

With the passage of time, the eyelashes disappeared, but thankfully they are back with a bang! These days, we see celebrities turning up to social functions with thick curly eyelashes. Not only this, a lot of designers use grandiose fake eye lash designs which includes the feather style and the long bejeweled eye lashes on their runway models. Since fake eyelashes are back and are here to stay, use a pair of Ardell False Eyelashes when doing your eye makeup.

Tips and Tricks to Use Ardell False Eyelashes

Here are some tips and tricks that will guide you to use false eyelashes, so that you can use them with ease:

  • Regardless of the material used whether its real human lashes or synthetic hair fiber, fake eyelashes today are not stiff and do not look synthetic. Instead, the modern avatar of the false eyelashes is pretty flexible and natural. If you have never applied false lashes before, then buy the ones that are light and have spaces in between, because it is easier to blend them with your original ones.
  • Most of the eyelashes are available as one long lash strip. One easy way to use it is to cut it into two halves with a cuticle scissor. One half of the piece should have long bristles, whereas the other should have short bristles. This way you will be able to achieve a natural look.
  • Make sure you mold the eyelashes and give it shape before applying it. One easy way to do so is to squish the lashes inwards and then pull the lash band down from one side, and up from the side, so that it looks more flexible.
  • Check the length of the eyelashes by placing them against your eyes. See if they suit you, because if they don’t, then you might have to trim them down a bit.
  • It is advised that you apply one coat of liquid eyeliner to get a rough idea where the eye lashes should start. The eyeliner can work as a guide and this way you will be able to avoid any deviations.
  • Always apply the eye shadow before you apply the eyelashes.
  • Do not apply a large quantity of glue as that will give a messy look. Apply the glue on the fake eyelashes and then apply it to your eyelids.
  • In order to cover the fake eyelashes, apply a generous coat of eyeliner. Also, apply multiple coats of mascara in order to blend the fake lashes.

These tips will surely help you out in achieving gorgeous looking eyes that you will be able to flaunt on Instagram with hashtags like #ArdellLashes, #Ardell_lashes. If you are looking forward to buying eyelashes at great deals then head straight to http://www.buyfalseeyelashes.com.

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