Princess Kate was the epitome of a princess bride, but it was the young woman carrying her train – sister Pippa Middleton – who unexpectedly stole the show at the royal wedding.
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The Best Summer Wedding Outfits for Guests in 2017

Princess Kate was the epitome of a princess bride, but it was the young woman carrying her train – sister Pippa Middleton – who unexpectedly stole the show at the royal wedding.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? Love is in the air, everyone is upbeat and happy because they’re celebrating the ultimate display of commitment. Whether you are single and looking to mingle, hoping for a proposal soon, or you’re already married – it’s a special day that you want to look your absolute best for. There are so many styles out there, though, it’s difficult to know where to start the search for the ultimate outfit. Let us help you out.

Maxi Dresses

There’s nothing quite like a floral maxi dress to capture summer, stay cool and comfortable and look stunning. Go for the black floral print to be the best dressed wedding guest of 2017.

Jacquard Dress

The beauty of this style is that it is dressy enough for a wedding, but casual enough to wear again and again. Choose a bright colour to capture the summer and pair with even brighter jewellery to take it to the next level.

Stretch Cotton Dress

It’s a comfortable fit and comes in plenty of beautiful floral prints, and like the Jacquard Dress, it’s an excellent option for a plethora of occasions.

The Backless Maxi

Yes, there is more than one type of maxi dress and opting for a backless number with a front slit is the optimum way to capture a flirty style that is sure to turn heads (without distracting from the bride too much).

Gingham Print

Is it back? Or did it ever really go away? This summer is all about gingham, so why not opt for a graphic print dress!

Wrap Dress

This is the ideal option for a destination wedding or when the weather is expected to be warm. A red floral wrap provides a tropical touch and if you opt for a high-low hem that billows you don’t need to worry about tripping up on the dance floor.


There is nothing quite like a lacy design when you want an elegant, eye catching look. If you’re worried about bumping into your ex then this might just be the perfect option.

Midi Dress

We’ve included two types of maxi dresses on the list, so the midi has to get a mention. It’s difficult to go wrong with a floral midi number. Choose a vintage pattern and a lightweight cotton so you can be sure to stay warm in the summer heat.

Pleated Midi Dress

Yes, two for maxi, two for midi – it’s only fair. The pleated midi dress adds a touch of flair and is an excellent investment as you can trot it out for cocktail parties and more.

That Dress

Remember the furore over Pippa Middleton in her bridesmaid’s dress? It hit the papers across the globe and the world basically (figuratively) exploded over the flattering number. Well, good news, there are plenty of cowl neckline dresses in various lengths so you can recreate the look and stop the earth from turning.

The Accessories

Of course, once you have the dress chosen there is more to do! You have to factor in shoes, handbag, and jewellery. Remember that your accessories should enhance your look so bear that in mind as you hit the high street.

You want to choose shoes that look great, complement your look and don’t forget about comfortability. You have to wear them all day, you’re going to want to dance and you don’t want to be the first to kick your heels off. Once you’ve settled on shoes you can look for a handbag to match and then build your jewellery from there. Remember to choose a necklace that fits well with the neckline of your dress.

If you’re going for sleek and chic make sure you continue the theme in your jewellery, whether it’s earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces or a broach.

Bonus points if you pick an accent colour from your dress and buy shoes, etc. that match. That is the ultimate in colour coordination and will make your wedding game fierce.

The Makeup

If you can afford to have your makeup done professionally you should definitely go for it. A makeup artist can create the perfect look for you that complements your features and goes well with your outfit, too. You’ve already put so much effort into your look, why not boost your confidence with a professional touch? And whatever you do don’t forget the false eyelashes to really finish any look.

New Kiss Faux Mink Falsies to Impress

Remember, you don’t need to break the bank to get the perfect wedding outfit for your summer of weddings. First of all, you need to check out these Laura Ashley vouchers for incredible discounts on beautiful dresses. Secondly, always think of wedding outfits as an investment. You should purchase an outfit that you will wear again and make sure that you truly get your monies worth. Whether you change it up and wear it to a few weddings this year or it can be turned into the ultimate date dress or a night out with your friends. Just because the bride and groom are splashing the cash on their wedding day doesn’t mean you have to.


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