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Be a Pro at Professional Eyelash Extensions

As Lash Artists (and just basically, “women”) we are prone to perfection – and all the disappointment that comes along with NOT hitting the mark. We have to cut ourselves a break – and remember – that “perfection” is supposed to be an inspiration, not an end game result.

Sure, we’d all love to be able to turn out perfection 100% of the time. Truth be told, REAL WOMEN come to see us, and they are seeking a version of perfection that they can own and love. They won’t be able to embrace a version of it that they don’t recognize it as “self” – one that they can’t pull off at 9AM, let alone 9PM. You’ll give them the mirror, and they’ll give the obligatory “Wow!”, and walk away in that “holy crap! I’ve got lots of lashes now” haze…. but many of them will not be able to live up to or maintain that fleeting fantasy.

So, how do you live with yourself?! How can THEY live without perfection? You have to set them up with very realistic expectations and better than above average results. Not perfection – just like we throw around the word “natural”…. ‘a natural look’, “I want them to be spectacular, but natural looking” – but definitely double-take worthy!

We can definitely promise results that no mascara can deliver – even semi-permanent mascara. Remember, we have the secret power here – the magic happens in your chair!

We can definitely give them more curl, more length, more drama – that’s how we roll! But I caution every Eyelash Extensions Artist out there to “under promise and OVER DELIVER, just shy of perfection”. Just shy of perfect is a fantastical place to be! It doesn’t drive you crazy – as a practitioner, make it ‘perfectly imperfect’. I say that because if your entire photo gallery is full of airbrushed, under 30 year-old, non-blemished perfection… that is what every gal will expect to walk out with.

Believe me, you will deliver! Your client will walk away with some kind of awesome!

She’ll have eyelash batting SUPER POWERS to rival any ComCon, Sexy Super Villainess. But mold her expectations right from the consultation. Be very realistic about the possibilities and the results you can give that are REALISTIC to MAINTAIN!

It’s the easy-to-maintain version of “perfection” that will keep them as happy customers who keep coming back. That is what fills your book and makes for a happy lashy life! A real life version of ‘Happy’ and ‘Lashy’.

We have all seen them, and rolled our eyes at them – the sexy, perfect ads for this and that mascara. We know that those perfected looks for the ads took a team of ten and multiple styling and EDITING products to achieve. Our clients know it too. So give them everything you’ve got, keeping their real life in the perspective – and never forget to coach them clearly and realistically about after care!

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  1. HelenKA13

    I went to cosmetology school and I do not recommend eyelash extensions. I must say when done correctly they do look real and a definite plus to the look. However the extensions are quite delicate so when it’s time to scrub your face and remove all your make-up, the extensions tend to fall out one by one and start to look uneven with the second or third week. For the same eye fx effect, I recommend getting lash thickening fibers to use with your mascara or a pair of false strip eyelashes instead.

  2. Ann H

    I was “blessed” with short eyelashes and I’ve always been jealous with people who have long and thick lashes. I recently did lash extentions and they are amazing. But I live in Texax and here it costs waaaaaay cheaper: $75 dollars for the first time for full set, and refills cost about $20 to $25 🙂

  3. Professional Eyelash Extension Products

    Eyelash extensions has become really famous now a days. There are lot of Professional Eyelash Extensions products available to give your eye nice and beautiful touch as never before. Good opportunity to choose this field as your career by doing Eyelash Extension training. This is really a nice post! Helps a lot to find out the best way to be a professional in eyelash extensions. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ynez Iamai

    I have tried eye lash extensions for my prom night and since then feel naked without them. They are the most fabulous I know!


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