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Batting Lashes Like A Rock Star With Katy Perry By Eylure

Hello, fabulous Katy Perry by Eylure false lashes.

Source: Sheila Arkee (http://goo.gl/QQs72p)




Pop superstar Katy Perry, who is always rocking awesome makeup, collaborated with Eylure to hand-pick a collection of fantastic false lashes.  There are several different lash varieties under the Katy Perry name, including 4 brand new styles: Lovely Lolita, Banging Beauty, Punk Princess, and Feline Fierce.



The Lovely Lolita lashes don’t offer much in the way of length, but if you’re looking for major volume, you’re in luck. While I’m used to false lashes that offer a lot of length, I actually totally love the way these bulk up my natural length.







Banging Beauty is my favorite style of the four, offering full lashes and length. These are va-va-voom lashes! I







Punk Princess is lightweight, but lovely and gives lashes a pretty, whispy, tapered look. These are nice for those times you want a more natural looking enhancement.






Feline Fierce is for the serious false lash lover, and they are pretty darned amazing. I just love the double thickness and extra volume at the end of the lashes, and they way they angle out for a cat eye look. I want to stockpile these lashes, because they’re that gorgeous.

 Katy-Perry-Eyelure-Lashes-Feline-Fierce-madame madeline


False lashes offer the perfect finishing touch to enhance a beautifully made up face. Although they’re not necessarily a daily makeup essential for most, they sure are a lot of fun and give your eyes extra enhancement for special occasions, photographs, or just for those times you want to have a little fun.

I have to say in all honesty that I am more impressed with the Katy Perry by Eylure lash collection than I previously assumed. These lashes aren’t  just any old cheapie brand, like I had thought they would be; no, these are professional grade, high quality lashes constructed with the finest materials by Eylure, a brand that has been offering fine false lashes since 1947.



Besides the sturdy lash strip and the design of the lashes, I’m most impressed with the adhesive that’s included in every box of lashes. This glue is some serious business! Better than any other adhesive I’ve ever tried, including Duo, this is strong and I love the mini size which is also easy to transport. Note to all – when you’re wearing false lashes it is always advisable to carry around lash glue!

If you need help figuring out how to apply false lashes, I’ve made it easy in a 3-step process you can learn from in Breaking Down Beauty.

My Final Thoughts: Constructed with 100% human hair, the Katy Perry by Eylure lash collection offers affordable lash enhancement you can re-use time and again. These are high quality lashes and a lot of fun! I really like these lashes and will definitely use them professionally and personally.

Rating: A

Price: $6.99

Availability: Ulta and MadameMadeline.com

Cruelty-free? Yes

Paraben-free? Yes

Gluten-free? Yes

KatyPerryEylureCollage-madame madeline

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